Knickers Seduction

(The story of Peter and Brenda, and their first adventure in directoire knickers)


I was on my knees weeding the driveway at Miss E’s house.  It was one of the more boring jobs that I had to do, but better than weeding the flower beds.  My thoughts were on the new bike I was saving up to buy, and I was trying to work out just how much more money I would have to save when I became aware that Miss E had driven into the drive and stopped a few feet away from me.

In those days the front doors on a car were hinged on the central pillar and opened backwards.  Ladies therefore had to be quite careful getting in and out of their vehicle in the interest of preserving modesty.

I heard the door open and looked up.  As I did so Miss E started to get out and my heart missed a beat.  Her knees were apart and I could see right up her dress.  To my great joy she was wearing silky-looking directoire knickers.  I knew what they were called because they were just like the knickers that my mother wore.  These were cream knickers, and my heart thumped as I watched the little puckers of silky knicker-leg material moving against the elastic gripping her thighs.  There was also a little band of dark brown stocking top showing.

“PETER – are you looking up my skirt?”

I felt my face go crimson.

“Err...Ummm…sorr,” I stuttered.

“SORRY...  SORRY...” shouted Miss E, interrupting me“Don’t you know that it is very, very rude to look up a lady’s skirt?  VERY rude indeed – I have half a mind to tell your mother when I next see her”.

I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.  My mother was a friend of Miss E and I knew I would be in deep trouble at home if she carried out her threat.

Miss E was still sitting in the car but had moved so that both feet were on the drive and her skirt was well below her knees.  “Until this moment, I thought you were a very nice, well behaved boy.  Really Peter, you have disappointed me – you most definitely have.”

My face couldn’t get any redder.  All I could do was stand there and shuffle my feet.

"Wipe your hands and help me to take the shopping into the house".

I dutifully rubbed my hands down my trousers and walked over to the car.
There is a large box of groceries in the boot.  Please take it into the kitchen, but do be careful as it contains eggs.  I will close the boot.”
She wasn’t shouting now so I began to feel just a little bit better.  I opened the boot and picked up the box, took it to the kitchen and placed it on the table.

Miss E came into the kitchen carrying a couple of bags, which she placed on a chair.

"Wash your hands and put the kettle on, and I will make a pot of tea," she said.

I did as I was told and stood by the kitchen table feeling awkward.  Miss E busied herself making the tea.  “Fetch the cups please, Peter, and also bring the milk from the larder.”

“Sit down,” she said, and passed a cup of tea to me.  As she moved she knocked the chair with the brightly coloured bags on it and one fell over sending its contents onto the floor.  I looked down and went crimson again because it was clearly an item of ladies’ underwear.  I could see that much because it was pastel pink and there was some lace on it.  Not wishing to be told off again I hurriedly looked away and stared at an imaginary spot on the floor.

“Peter, would you please pick my new petticoat off the floor and hand it to me.”

“Thank you,” she said, and then gave a little laugh and held it up for me to see.

“Do you like it?” she asked.  “Do you like my new petticoat, – and do you like the colour?  I think it is such a pretty shade of pink.”

“It is very nice,” I replied, going a deep pink.  “And the colour is nice as well.

“Would you like to touch it again?  Feel how silky it is.”

I reached out and ran my hands over it.  It was very silky indeed.  “It does feel very nice,” I said.

Miss E gave another little laugh and reached into the other bag.  “And would you like to feel these as well, Peter?” she said, and passed a pair of matching directoire knickers to me.

I held them, totally embarrassed.  I felt as red as a beetroot, but at the same time was almost transfixed by a wave of excitement that swept over me.  They felt wonderful and I could have held them forever.  I think Miss E must have guessed how I felt by the look on my face because she came over to me and put an arm around my shoulders.

“There,” she said very softly, now you’ve seen two pairs of my knickers today, haven’t you?”  She gave me a little squeeze and I was suddenly aware of her left breast pressing against me.  “Here you are,” she said, putting the petticoat into my hand.  “Be a dear and take these up to my bedroom and put them on the bed for me, please.”


It was a large house and by the time I had reached her bedroom I had felt every silky inch of those knickers, including the elastic round the legs and waist.  I very carefully laid her petticoat out on the bed and arranged the knickers on top of it, making them appear ready to be put on.  By this time my cock was trying to burst out of my trousers.  I took one last look at her darling under-garments and left the bedroom trying to figure out how to hide my erection from Miss E, because I knew it wouldn’t go down by the time I returned to the kitchen.

As I turned into the hallway I almost bumped into Miss E.  As I stood aside for her to pass I wondered if she’d noticed the bulge in my trousers.  Would I be in more trouble?

“Oh, Peter,” she said, as she went up the stairs.

“Yes Miss?”

“I have to go into the village.  While I’m gone please vacuum the dining room and then return to weeding the driveway.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Oh.  And thank you again for taking my new petticoat and knickers upstairs for me.”

“That’s alright, Miss.”  Just hearing her utter those magic words had made my erection throb even more, if that was at all possible!  And I felt sure she’d used them deliberately.  Was she teasing me, I wondered.


I got the cleaner out of the cupboard and began the task of vacuuming the dining room carpet.  I heard the front door close and the car starting.  As it crunched its way along the drive and out into the roadway I wondered if I should go upstairs and feel those lovely pink knickers again.  Dare I?  I switched off the cleaner and with my heart racing went towards the hallway.  I had only reached the doorway of the dining room when feelings of guilt and fear overcame me – what if she came back and found me in her bedroom? What would I say?  What excuse could I make up for being there?

No!  Better be safe than sorry - especially after being caught looking up her skirt a short while ago.  Seeing those cream knickers in my minds eye made my cock stiffen yet again, and I reached down and squeezed it through my trousers.  Not a good idea because I almost came off.

Thrusting all thoughts of Miss E’s silky directoire knickers and my throbbing erection out of my mind – well, almost out of my mind – I switched the cleaner back on and finished the vacuuming.

That was soon done.  I put the cleaner back in the cupboard and went outside to resume the weeding.

I was just beginning to wonder where Miss E had got to, when the car turned into the driveway and came to a stop some way from me.

Miss E wound the window down and called to me.  “Oh Peter, be a dear and come over and take these bags into the house for me.”

“Yes Miss,” I replied, getting up and again wiping my hands down my trousers.  As I walked towards the car Miss E opened the door and placed a foot onto the driveway, just as she had done earlier.  I looked – I couldn’t help myself.  A flush of excitement swept right over me.  She was sitting there with her knees apart and she was wearing her new pink directoire knickers and petticoat.

“You naughty boy, you are looking up my skirt again, aren’t you?” she asked.  This time she wasn’t shouting though.  Her voice was soft and almost husky.  As she spoke she opened her legs even wider giving me a clear view all the way up to the gusset of her knickers.  As I looked at this wonderful sight, she squeezed her knees tightly together and then opened them wide again.  I could see a large wet patch right in the centre of that exciting silky gusset.  My cock was rigid.

I looked at her.  She smiled and took hold of my hand.  “Tell me Peter, do you like my new knickers?  Do they look nice?”  She paused, and looked at the pronounced bulge in my trousers and gave a little laugh.

“Perhaps you don’t really need to answer those questions,” she said, squeezing my hand.  “Something tells me that you do like them.”  She pulled me towards her so that I was standing astride her thigh and her knickers were touching my trousers.  She reached out with her other hand and touched the front of my trousers.  “And you like them quite a lot don’t you – you naughty boy,” she added with a smile.

I had never been touched there by a woman before and a million waves of pure excitement poured over me as I felt her hand against me.  She gave my hand another squeeze and said, “Come, you take the packages into the house while I put the car away and close the gates”.  As I picked them off the rear seat I noticed that they were from the same ladies’ underwear shop that her petticoat and knickers had come from.  I wondered what she had bought this time.  That explained why she had been away for so long.  She probably had been to the village certainly, but she had also been all the way into town and back.  I was tempted to take a quick look inside one of the bags to see what was inside but I resisted the temptation and put them down on the kitchen table.

Miss E came into the kitchen and hung the car keys on the key rack.  “It is very warm today.  Would you like to refresh yourself by having a bath?”

“Thank you Miss, I would like that.”

“Alright, you go and have a bath and I will find something clean for you to put on afterwards.  My niece always keeps some clothes here and luckily you are about the same height so I’m sure one of her tops and a pair of her trousers should fit you.”

“Please use my bathroom and I will leave the clothes on the bed,” she added as I left the kitchen.

Miss E’s bathroom was part of her bedroom.  ‘En suite’ I think is the proper term.  The second bathroom was for the use of guests.  I went through her bedroom and into the bathroom.  It smelt very fragrant in a feminine way.  I liked it and so did my cock which began to stiffen again.

I ran the bath, undressed, added some bath salts to the water, and slowly slid into the warm, perfumed water.  As I washed myself I heard Miss E enter the bedroom.  As the bathroom door opened a fraction I sat up trying to hide my erection.  “I have found some of Angela’s clothes that I think will fit you,” she said.  “There is a pale blue top, a pair of blue trousers, some socks and a pair of navy blue school knickers”.

She put her head round the door, smiled and added, “I’m sure you won’t object to wearing a pair of girls’ knickers, will you?”

She left the room and I got out of the bath and dried myself as the bath water gurgled away.  I rinsed the remaining suds away and went into the bedroom to look at my ‘new’ clothes.  I picked up the knickers.  They were made from very soft cotton and felt really nice.  I put them on very slowly, enjoying the softness of them against my skin.  My cock felt ready to explode and feeling the knickers rubbing against my swollen purple knob almost brought me to a climax there and then, but I managed to control my desire and finished dressing.  The trousers fitted quite well except the zip was on the side instead of the front and my erection was plain for the world to see.  I put on the top, some white ankle socks, and tried on a pair of girls’ shoes that Miss E. had left by the bed.  They were slip-on court style shoes with a little two inch high heel.  Much to my delight they fitted.

I went downstairs.  “Where are you Miss?”

“Here, in the drawing room.  Come in and let me look at you.”

I went in.  “Oh, you look very nice dear.  Tell me, do you like wearing Angela’s clothes?”  She paused, smiled, looked at the front of my trousers again and said, “Ah yes, I can see you do!”

“Come over here.”

I walked over to her feeling a little self-conscious about wearing a girl’s clothes, especially her knickers, but at the same time really liking it.

Miss E slowly pulled up her skirt and slip, until it was halfway along her thighs and spread her legs wide apart.  Seeing the outlines of her stocking-tops and suspenders through those lovely, silky pink knickers made my head pound so much so that I thought I was going to cum off.  I swallowed hard several times and the feeling eased a little.

“Angela’s clothes suit you.  Perhaps you should wear girls’ clothing more often.”  She reached out and ran her hands over my bottom and followed the outline of the knickers around my thighs.  “Do you like wearing knickers?” she asked.

I went pink.  “Yes, they feel very nice.”

“Do they feel nicer than your normal underpants?”

“Yes, they do.”

“And have you ever worn knickers before?” she asked running her hands over my bottom.

I felt my face going bright red.  “Yes,” I replied.

Miss E seemed to ignore my burning face.  “And whose knickers were those?”

I hesitated before replying, feeling totally embarrassed.  “My mothers,” I muttered.

She moved her hand to the front of my trousers.  “Mmmmm,” she said.  “And does putting on your mother’s knickers have this effect on you?”  She gave my erection a gentle squeeze by way of emphasis.

“Yes it does, – you won’t tell her, will you?”

“Of course I won’t!”  She pressed my cock again.  

“One day I might even give you a pair of my knickers to wear.  Would you like that?"

“Oh yes I would – a lot,” I gasped, all of a sudden feeling much bolder.

Miss E wasn’t very tall but she was rather plump.  “Um, they might be rather on the large size for you – but I’m sure we can do something about that,she said with a little smile.

With a sudden movement she reached round and undid the zip in the trousers.  “I think you should take these off now,she said.

I kicked off the shoes and stepped out of the trousers.  My cock was pushing the front of the knickers right out.

Miss E gave a little gasp.  “Ooooh, he looks so big and strong – let me see him and touch him…”  As she was speaking she pulled ‘my’ knickers halfway down my thighs.

She sucked in her breath as my erection sprung into view.  “Mmmmm,” she said, “he looks wonderful.  I must touch him.”  She put her hand around my cock and pulled my foreskin right back making the deep purple knob stand out.  She bent forward and kissed it. “Ooh, he is so nice, and so very, very hard.”

I thought I was going to die with pleasure as new, previously unknown feelings coursed through my body.  Like all boys I had masturbated lots of times and had enjoyed the climax, but this was something altogether different.  Being touched and spoken about like this was indescribably wonderful.

“Take those knickers right off – and the top as well, I want to really see you.”

I did as she asked and stood completely naked in front of her.  She said nothing but put a hand under her skirt and pressed it hard between her thighs.  She closed her eyes and a little shudder passed through her body.

Without opening her eyes she said, “Peter, would you like to touch my knickers?”

“Ooooh.  Yes.”

With heart beating I knelt down and ran my fingers along the puckered material and followed the elastic gripping her thighs. She kept giving little shudders and sighs of pleasure as my hands went here and there over her knickers.  I felt the outline of her stocking tops and then her suspenders.  Slowly I moved my hands upwards following her suspenders until I was going under her skirt and petticoat and exploring the lacy-feeling suspender belt covering her plump stomach.  I moved a hand downwards and felt some soft hair through the silkiness.

She caught my hand and held it.  “No, not yet.  You can touch me there later”.  She almost whispered the words.  “I want you to unbutton my blouse now.”

I leaned forward and began to undo the buttons with trembling hands.  Each time I moved the ultra sensitive tip of my throbbing penis rubbed against her knickers which sent little electric shocks through my body.

After I had undone the last button, Miss E. sat up and took it off.  Then she slipped the thin shoulder straps of her petticoat down her arms and wriggled free of them.  Without saying a word she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra.  It was pink and lacy and matched her petticoat.  She leaned back in the chair.

“Take it off for me please, Peter,” she said, holding out her arms.

I slipped her bra off and looked with awe at her large soft breasts with their big rose-pink nipples standing erect.

“Have you ever seen a woman’s breasts before?” she asked.  I noticed she appeared to be breathing faster now.

“No, never, – except in pictures, that is.

“Mmmmm, and do you like them?”

“I think, I think…I think they are wonderful,” I stuttered in reply.

She put her arms around me, pulled me to her and kissed me.  I felt her nipples against my chest.  It was too much for my straining erection and some cum spurted out and must have gone onto her knickers.  It wasn’t much but just enough to ease the pressure.

“Feel them,” she said, releasing me from her grasp.

I did!  I felt them and squeezed them, and felt and gently pulled her hard nipples and then instinctively I bent over and started to kiss and suck them going from one to the other and back again.

“Mmmmm.  That is so nice….Mmmmm...  Suck them more…more…more. Her voice sounded deep and throaty.  She was holding me tight between her thighs.

“Ooooh, take my knickers off and let me feel him inside me,” she whispered.

I felt under her skirt and petticoat and found the elastic waist of her knickers and started to slide them down.  She lifted up her bottom to help me and I pulled them right down and over her feet and dropped them on the chair.

I wanted to look at her – to see my first vagina, but she pulled me to her.  “Later” she said.  “You can look at me later, for as long as you want to, but now…..”  She didn’t finish the sentence but grasped my rock hard cock and moved it back and forth along her wide open, slippery fanny lips.  She guided it deep between her thighs and lifted herself up a little.  “Now,” she gasped, “push it in; give him to me…now.  Yes, like that….more.  More...”

A most fantastic feeling came over me as I felt my prick sliding deeper and deeper inside her until I felt my balls pressing against her crotch.

“Oh, oh….oh,” I heard her gasp.  “Fuck me…fuck me…FUCK ME.  Now…now…”

Instinctively I thrust my throbbing shaft in and out of her eager wet fanny.  It was like dipping it into warm honey.  It was a fantastic feeling.  This was my first time and it was wonderful.  I wanted to shout out loud, but instead I held her tight and plunged it right to the hilt time and time again.  Miss E was thrusting herself against me trying to get my straining cock in as deep as she could.

I heard her voice telling me to fuck her and fuck her hard and that she wanted my big prick in her cunt every day and then she came to a gasping, shuddering climax that seemed to go right through her body, and went on and on.  After a few moments she relaxed her grip on me slightly and closed her eyes, breathing heavily.  My cock was still rock hard and remained right up inside her.  I moved slightly and almost immediately she came off a second time.  Her cunt was dripping wet and her love juice had made my balls and thighs hot and slippery.

I slowly eased my prick out until only my big purple knob was inside her and then I plunged it right back up her cunt as far as it would go.  The suddenness of it made her gasp and she came off again.

She liked me doing that.  She was so sensitive by this time that each time I did it she had an immediate climax.  She had four more in almost as many minutes.  I moved again but this time she stopped me and whispered, “You’ll have to stop now before you do me to death.”  She lifted herself up a little and kissed me.  “That was wonderful, it really was, but you will have to take him out now…well, for a little while.  Long enough for me to recover.  The last few words were accompanied by a lovely smile and a tender look that made my heart pound.  I wanted to be with her for ever.

“I can feel he’s still hard, dear, but you will have to take him out...  but do it slowly.  Ever so slowly…Ooooh!”

She gasped and shuddered as I started to slide my pulsing cock out of her ultra sensitive fanny.  I took it out very, very slowly and stood up.  It was glistening and there was pearly white love juice all round the base of my straining, purple knob.

“Ooooh, he looks lovely - and still so hard,” she said, and reached out and put her hand around my shaft.  That was all that I needed.  Ten thousand wonderful sensations swept over me and a stream of thick spunk spurted out and went over her left breast and down onto her skirt.  Miss E was uttering little moans of excitement now and rubbing my cock as fast as she could.

“More,” I heard her say.  “Have you got more for me?  I had.  Twice more my spunk spurted out, and then my cock lost a little of its stiffness.  I just stood there panting.  Miss E stopped rubbing my now very sensitive penis and squeezed it quite hard.  A few drops of spunk came out and she leaned forward and licked them off.

“Oh, that was wonderful,” she said.  “Come upstairs with me”.

We went to her bedroom and she got onto the bed and patted the space beside her.  “I think we need a nice long cuddle,” she said.  I got onto the bed and felt her arms go around me.  I lost track of time as we lay there kissing and holding each other.  I wanted it to go on forever.

Miss E gave me an extra hard kiss, smiled and said, “You are not going home tonight, Peter.  I telephoned your mother when I was in town and told her you were helping me with some decorating.  We have the next two days to ourselves.”

My heart gave a leap and I felt my cock move.  So did Miss E.  She gave a little laugh and put her hand over it.  “Later,” she said.  “More of you, later.  Now we must have a bath, get dressed, and you can help me to prepare dinner.”

She gave me a squeeze.  “After dinner I will show you what’s in those bags I asked you to bring in.

(But that’s another story!)



Knickers Seduction - Part 2


(Peter and Brenda; a further adventure with directoire knickers)

Six months have now passed since our first encounter, and things are very different now.  Very different indeed!  Eventually I learned the truth about that first encounter, when she confessed that she had, in fact, wanted me to see up her skirt, and that is why she had stopped the car where she did.  The rest was just an act.  She also admitted that she had very much enjoyed my embarrassment! Then, after telling me that, she gave me a big hug and a kiss.  For my part I was amazed that a lady such as Miss E wanted anything to do with a village boy such as myself, but I was glad that she did.  I just adored her.


We often spoke about that first time I ‘fucked her’, as she put it, and the wonderful sensations that swept over her as she felt my throbbing cock going right up inside her cunt.  That was her very first time and she told me that she would never forget it.  I knew what she meant because until that day my only knowledge of girls had been gleaned from saucy magazines such as Spick and Span, and Health and Efficiency, which I blushingly bought from a little old lady who ran a backstreet paper shop in our local town.

I smuggled these magazines into the house and then pored over them in the seclusion of my bedroom at night.  I spent hours looking intently at young ladies lifting up their skirts, or gymslips if they were dressed as a school girl, to show stockings, suspenders and knickers.  My favourite pictures were those showing directoire knickers.  Being black and white photographs I used to attempt to imagine what colour knickers the girls were wearing.  Somewhat reluctantly I have to admit that all this secret activity very often resulted in a very wet hand and a hasty visit to the bathroom.  But I was no different to other lads, I’m sure.

So, I knew about knickers and directoire knickers in particular, not only from those pictures, but also because my mother usually wore a pair of directoire knickers.  They fascinated me and I just loved the feel of all that wonderful silkiness.  Our airing cupboard was off the bathroom and very often after a bath, and when alone in the house, I would take a pair of her wonderful knickers from the airing cupboard and put them on.  The effect on me was electrifying.  The feel of the knicker-elastic around my thighs, and the touch of her soft, silky knickers against my skin gave me an instant, pulsing erection.

On several occasions the touch of that silky material gliding over the swollen, ultra sensitive tip of my penis almost resulted in what would have been a truly disastrous accident.  I used to go hot and cold at the very thought of it and would vow to myself never to put her knickers on again.  I always did, of course!


That momentous day with Miss E changed my life in every conceivable way and pin-up magazines and secretly wearing my mother’s directoire knickers became a thing of the past.  Now I was in heaven because I was actually expected to wear either panties or directoire knickers nearly all the time.  My role in Miss E’s employment had changed from ‘Saturday boy’ to that of 'personal maid' and I was required to dress accordingly.  This transition happened slowly over a period of weeks, but it started really, I suppose, after the bath we had following our lovely cuddle on Miss E’s bed after our exciting adventure downstairs.

That shared bath took a very long time.  For the first time in our respective lives we were able to touch and explore every part of another person’s body.  And we did!  I couldn’t leave her lovely soft breasts alone, and whenever I put a hand between her thighs and felt her swollen, open vagina, my cock threatened to explode.  In fact it almost did when Miss E made me stand up, grasped my cock and pulled my foreskin right back and took well over half of it into her mouth and started sucking it.  It felt absolutely fantastic, and I was just on the point of cumming when the telephone rang.

Reaction made us almost jump apart, and the moment was gone.  “Oh dear,” she said, letting go of my wilting cock.  “I wonder who that is.  Anyway they can wait.  If it’s important I’m sure whoever it is will ring back.”  Then she put her arms around me again and smiled and said, “How dare they interrupt us, the very cheek of it!”

My half hard penis was pressing against her face.  She turned her head and kissed it.  “Did you like feeling him in my mouth?” she asked giving me a squeeze.

“Oh, yes Miss. It felt…it felt so, so, so nice,” I replied, struggling for words.

“I’m glad,” she replied.  “Next time we will disconnect the telephone, and then we won’t be interrupted!”  She released me and started to get out of the bath.  Her lovely breasts swung forward invitingly.  I reached out and gently squeezed her nipples.  “Ooooh, that feels nice,” she said, drawing in her breath.  “However, I think we should dry ourselves and get dressed, otherwise we could easily be here for the remainder of the night, not that I would mind,” she said with a little laugh, and she reached down and squeezed my rapidly rising cock.

We eventually dried ourselves and each other, and after a liberal dusting with Lily of the Valley talcum powder we went into Miss E’s bedroom. 

“I need a fresh pair of knickers.  You can choose the colour, they are all in that drawer,” she said pointing.  Heart thumping, I walked over to the chest of drawers and pulled open the one she had pointed at.  My heart skipped a beat, for the large drawer was full of soft, silky directoire knickers of all pastel colours.  I wanted to plunge my hands and face into them, but refrained, and lifted out a pair of knickers in pale blue.  “My petticoats are in the next drawer down, Peter, and my brassieres, suspender belts and stockings are kept in the top three drawers.” 

I searched through the drawers and found a matching set, and chose a pair of tan stockings to go with them.  As I placed them on the bed she patted my bottom and said, “Ummm, I think I ought to keep you on as my personal maid, I’m sure you would look after me very well indeed.”

We both laughed.  “Now, as my maid, you can help me dress,” she added picking up her brassiere.  She put it on and turned around for me to fasten it.  This was something I had never done before and it took a couple of fumbled attempts to get the little hooks and eyes properly connected.  Next came the suspender belt and I made a better job of fastening this.  “That was better,”  Miss E said with a laugh.  She picked up the stockings and sat on a low, bedroom chair, and I was treated to a wonderful view of her beautiful cunt as she started to put them on.  My cock throbbed.  “We shall have to do something about that!” she said, looking at my erection.  She fastened the front suspenders and then stood up.  “Come on maid; fasten my other suspenders, please.”  I went over to her and dropped to my knees, and very carefully and slowly fastened her elastic suspenders.  It took me some time because there were four suspenders to each stocking, but eventually I managed to fasten the remaining six to her satisfaction.

She passed her knickers to me and I held them out whilst she stepped carefully into them.  I slowly pulled them up to her waist, being very careful to avoid catching their waist-elastic on her suspenders.  She pulled her knickers gently up into their place so that they were nestling firmly up between her thighs, and then put on her petticoat.  I stood up and, pulling me to her warm body, she gave me an affectionate squeeze.  “Yes, Peter dear, I think I will train you to be my maid and then you can dress and undress me very day.”  I shuddered with pleasure at the very thought of it.  “Now,” she said, giving me a little kiss, "we must get you dressed, but before that we really must do something about that lovely cock of yours.”

I couldn’t help wondering where such a respectable lady had learnt such words.  She had said ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ and other words, none of which my father would dare to use even when in the foulest of moods.  However I didn’t mind her using them – in fact I found it very exciting.

“Come over here,” she said, leading me towards her bed.  Without being told, I got onto the bed and laid there on my back.  Miss E lifted up her petticoat, got onto the bed, and knelt astride me so that my throbbing erection was almost rubbing against the silky gusset of her knickers.  She reached down and took hold of my cock and started to rub it.  “This is what you need, young man,” she said, rubbing it faster and faster.  It was exactly what I did need, and it only took a few minutes before I was thrusting against her silk covered thighs, my head was spinning and spunk was spurting up over my chest. 

“Oh that is wonderful, she gasped.  "Have you got more for me?  A little more?” she asked, giving my cock a long squeeze.  We were both breathing heavily, and Miss E had her other hand pressed hard against her cunt.  My penis had become too sensitive for further attention.  “No more,” I heard my voice whisper, “it’s too sensitive now…”

“Ummm, that was nice, very nice indeed...” she said, and slowly ran a finger through the spunk on my chest.  “Ooooh, that is so very nice."  The last few words were uttered through clenched teeth, and she squeezed her thighs hard against me.  She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds, took a deep breath and said with a smile, “I think you need a flannel and towel – stay where you are.”   Almost reluctantly she got off me and the bed, and went through to the bathroom.  She returned with a wet flannel and towel, and she had just started to wash my chest when the telephone rang.

“Oh drat, not again!” she said in exasperation.  She reached across me and picked up the handset.  The purple braided cord tickled my ultra sensitive skin as it moved across my chest.  “Hullo, hullo.  Oh, it’s you, Amy.  Am I what, dear?  Out of breath?  No. No. I’m alright.  Just ran up the last few stairs when I heard the ‘phone ringing, that’s all.  Neither of us is built for speed exactly, are we?” she said, with a laugh hiding the little white lie.

Amy, or Mrs Amelia Butcher, was Miss E’s closest friend.  She had lost her husband quite recently and now spent quite a lot of her time in Miss E’s company.  She was a very pleasant person and not unlike Miss E in build.  She was always very friendly towards me whenever we came into contact on a Saturday, when I was carrying out my various chores.  I did overhear Miss E telling someone over the telephone on one occasion that 'his death was a blessing in disguise’, but I didn’t really understand what that meant.  I had also heard my mother use the same words several times as well.

As I finished drying myself, Miss E ended her conversation with Miss Amelia.  I had always referred to her as ‘Miss Amelia’ and never as Mrs Butcher, and nobody seemed to mind.  “Amelia is coming up to see me tomorrow afternoon, Peter, but only for a short while, and then we shall be able to enjoy the remainder of the weekend together,” Miss E said, cutting across my thoughts.  “Now let’s get you dressed.”

I said, “I’ll go downstairs and fetch my things.” 

“Oh, no you won’t.  I’ve got something for you to wear.  Just wait a moment.”  She left the bedroom and after a short while came back carrying the two brightly coloured bags that I’d seen in the kitchen earlier.  She placed them on the bed and opened one.  She peered inside. “Ah, not this”, she said, and picked up the other one.  “I know you like knickers, and I’ve known that for some time,” she said.  I went red and nodded my head.  “So I went and bought these for you to wear, and wear them you will!”  She ended the sentence in a very stern voice.  As she spoke, she tipped the contents of the bag onto the bed and my heart missed a beat.  For there, spread out on the bed, were two pairs of very silky-looking directoire knickers.  One pair was a lovely creamy/coffee colour and the other pair was mint.  But that was not all; also on the bed were petticoats and suspender belts to match the knickers.  She had also bought several pairs of stockings.

“Now let’s get you dressed.  Which colour would you like to wear?”

I was almost lost for words.  This was like a dream come true and I just couldn’t take it in.  Both the coffee and the mint were lovely colours and I just couldn’t choose between them.  Miss E must have sensed my difficulty because she reached out and picked up the coffee-coloured suspender belt.  “I think you should wear this colour today.  It’s a favourite of mine, so I would like to see you dressed in it.”  A tremor of anticipation ran through my body.  “I’ll fasten it this time, but you will have to learn how to do it yourself.”  Then she added as she did it up, “An easy way is to put it on back to front, do the fasteners up, and then slip it around your waist.”  The effect of the six suspenders touching my thighs sent shivers up and down my spine.  Next it was the stockings, and Miss E showed me how to put them on by rolling them down to the foot and then drawing them up over my legs whilst taking great care not to snag and ladder them.  Fastening the suspenders was not too bad, but my attempts to do up the third suspender at the back brought tears of laughter to our eyes. 

Miss E passed the knickers to me.  “Now put these on.”  I did as she told me and the inevitable happened.  The cool silkiness of the knickers against my skin, and the knicker-elastic gripping my thighs, made my head spin and my penis rigid.

“Really Peter!” exclaimed Miss E, looking at the bulge my cock was making through the knickers.  “You can’t possibly have another erection!  I mean, really!  It’s only minutes ago that I….well…for once I’m lost for words...”  The look on her face told me she wasn’t really shocked and then she pulled me against her.  “Ooooh, that does feel very nice,” she whispered.  “Very nice indeed,” and moved herself against my cock.  “Oh dear”, she said.  “This is too nice…c’mon let’s finish dressing you, oh, and me, of course,” she added looking down at her petticoat.

I put ‘my’ petticoat on, and Miss E stood back and looked at me.  “Actually you look very nice dear, and everything fits you perfectly.”  She paused, and then laughed, “If and when I send you out to buy our knickers you must remember that your size is ‘small women’s’ and mine is ‘WX’.”  She must have seen the rather alarmed look on my face, because she added, “Don’t worry, Peter dear, you might become my maid but I won’t ask you to do that, yet, although there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t accompany me to the shops and we can buy them together,….do you think you would like doing that?”

“Oh yes, Miss, I’d like that a lot.”

“Good.” she paused and looked down at the big bulge showing up through my petticoat and knickers.  “Oh Peter, I’ve been trying to ignore your lovely, stiff cock, but it’s increasingly difficult to do so”.  She lowered her voice to almost a whisper.  “Put him inside me again.  It feels so nice.”   Without saying a word, I lifted up her petticoat and slipped her knickers down to her feet.  She stepped out of them, and did the same to me, and then we were on the bed with my cock right up inside her very wet cunt.  “Ooooh Peter, this feels so wonderful…so wonderful…I love the feel of your cock inside me…do it harder, harder….it’s happening.  Oh fuck me…fuck me...fuck me.”  I did, and within a few minutes Miss E was thrusting against me as she came to a gasping, shuddering climax.  As she came off, what little spunk I had left spurted from my cock, which sent a wave of pure pleasure over my body.  We held each other very tightly and time seemed to stand still.

Eventually my erection subsided and we moved apart.  I looked at Miss E and to my mind she appeared to be almost glowing.  Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkling.  “Oh Peter, I hope you do that to me lots and lots of times.  It is so very, very enjoyable.”  She paused and looked at me, “Do you like doing it as well?”

I couldn’t find the words to express just how exciting and wonderful I was finding this totally new experience.  All I could do was to smile and nod my head.  I think she understood, because she just looked at me and squeezed my hand.  “We must finish dressing you.  But first, where is that towel?  You’ve made me very wet again...”  We dried ourselves and each other, and I put my new silky directoire knickers on again.  Then I fetched a fresh pair of knickers for Miss E.  I dressed her, making sure that my hand brushed gently against the triangle of soft cunt hair as I pulled up her wonderful, fresh-smelling knickers.

“Naughty boy!” she said, and gave my hand a little smack; but she was smiling.

“Now for the rest of your clothes,” she said, and walked over to a chair and picked up the second bag.  She reached inside and pulled out a soft looking black skirt and a cream jumper.  “Try these on,” she said placing them on the bed.  I picked up the skirt, stepped into it, and pulled it up.  Miss E helped me, making sure that my petticoat stayed perfectly in place.  It felt very soft.  It was slightly flared, and had an elasticated waist.  “That looks nice.  I wasn’t sure of your waist size, so I bought one that I knew would fit,” she said, standing back and looking at me.  “Now put the jumper on while I go downstairs and fetch those shoes you were wearing.”

I did as I was told, and she came back into the room carrying the shoes.  I put them on and she stepped back and took another long look at me.  “Turn around,” she said.  “Hmmm. Ummm, you do look very nice, Peter dear.  A skirt suits you.  Not quite a maid’s uniform but it will do for the time being.”  I stood there feeling a little strange in my ‘new’ clothes, but nevertheless very much enjoying the feel of them.  I walked over to the wardrobe mirror and felt the skirt and petticoat move against my legs, causing a little thrill of excitement to pass through my body.

“Do they feel nice, Peter?”  Miss E asked, as she adjusted her own skirt.

“Oh yes, Miss.  They feel…very different and, and, very exciting.”

“Good, I’m glad you like them,” replied Miss E, fastening her blouse.  “You should be fastening these buttons, not me,” she added, with a smile.  “Now let me tidy my hair and we will go downstairs.”


All that was six or so months ago and a lot has changed during that time.  At the start of our wonderful relationship I would arrive at her house early each Saturday morning, receive a lovely kiss and a cuddle and then go up to her bedroom and change into my ‘working clothes’.  This meant putting on stockings and suspenders, silky directoire knickers, a petticoat, skirt, blouse and shoes.  More often than not Miss E would accompany me upstairs, and on these occasions, changing clothes took quite a while, to say the least!  We had discovered sex and we indulged and enjoyed ourselves whenever we could.  Under Miss E’s tuition I learnt just how to give pleasure to a lady in every way from feeling and sucking her big soft breasts to bringing her to a gasping, shuddering orgasm by licking and sucking her open juicy cunt.  Sometimes, when she was feeling particularly naughty, she would suddenly sit in a chair with her legs wide apart to show me her knickers and this would be my prompt to kneel down between her thighs and give her pleasure with my tongue and fingers through the silky gusset of her lovely directoire knickers.

I loved being Miss E’s ‘maid’ and my duties ranged from dusting and vacuuming to washing knickers – both hers and mine.  The majority of clothes went into a washing machine, but knickers, brassieres, suspender belts, petticoats and stockings had to be washed by hand and I had to do it.  I would then carefully hang everything on the linen line to dry.  Needless to say I invariably ended up with a throbbing erection by the time I was pegging out the last item, much to Miss E’s amusement.

On those days when Mrs Butcher came to visit, I didn’t wear my ‘working clothes’.  Instead I dressed in nylon panties and a pair of young ladies’ trousers belonging to Miss E’s niece.  If Miss Amelia thought this was odd, she didn’t say so.  I liked her and she certainly seemed to like me and very often patted my bottom as I walked past.

I also got little glimpses of her underwear.  This would happen when I was on my hands and knees dusting the skirting boards and chair legs.  She might be reading or talking to Miss E, and whenever I looked in her direction her knees were casually apart just enough for me to see the little puckers of material made by the knicker elastic gripping her thighs.  Occasionally she would cross and re-cross her legs, giving me a wonderful view right up her skirt and petticoat.  To begin with I wasn’t sure whether this was deliberate or not and I tried hard not to let her see me looking at her in case she became angry and told Miss E.  But as time went on I became convinced that she wanted me to see up her skirt and I was less hesitant about looking.  In spite of myself, this always had an exciting effect on my cock, and after completing my task I would leave the room with the duster strategically placed to hide my erection.

Later on, when Miss E asked if I liked looking up her friend’s skirt, I learned that Miss Amelia had been deliberately teasing me by showing her knickers.  It was Saturday night and we had retired for the night.  We were completely naked and she was fondling my balls and prick while I ‘milked’ her hard rosy nipples.  “Do you like looking up Amy’s skirt?” she asked, giving my erection a squeeze.  “Be truthful now,” she added.

“Yes Miss.”  I replied going quite red.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Miss E, said squeezing me again.  “I don’t mind…what do you see?”

“Her knickers, Miss”

“Oooh – and how much of her knickers do you see?”

“Sometimes all the way up….”

Do you see up as far as her knicker gusset?”  Miss E had moved closer and my swollen knob was now between her cunt lips, and pressing against her hard clitty.  I started to move my cock back and forth along her wet slit.  “Do you like looking up her skirt Peter…do you?”  She was breathing faster now and moving against my slippery cock.  “Would you like to put your hand up there.  Would you like to put your hand right between her thighs and touch her?  Would you Peter?  Would you like to feel her cuntDo you think it would be very wet?  Would it be as wet as mine?  Oooooh…would you like to take her knickers down and touch her..?”  The entire length of my cock was sliding back and forth along her slit now, and she was squeezing her thighs together to press it harder against her clitty.  “Oh yes Miss, I would like to take her knickers off and feel her cunt.  Oooh Miss, I’m going to cum in a minute….I’mmm..I’mmmm…”  She was thrusting herself against me as hard as she could now. 

"Oooooh Peter, my dear, I'm cumming as"  We came to a mind blowing orgasm together with my spunk spurting along her slit and all over her swollen cunt lips and thighs.  She was drenched and so was I.  A few minutes passed whilst we relaxed and regained our breath.  “Ooh Peter, my dear.  That was different, wasn’t it?  Did you like it…?

“Oh yes, I loved it all.  That sex-talk excited me and made me cum very quickly.”

“Yes, I know, and I enjoyed it as well.”  She moved close to me again.  “I think we should have a nice long cuddle now,” she said, placing her arms around me.  “That will make a perfect finish.”  I agreed and snuggled up against her.  As we drifted off on a sea of contentment I heard her murmur, “I don’t mind you looking up Amy’s skirt – especially if it has this effect on you!”  "Ummm, and you too," I thought to myself.  Instead I gave her long soft kiss and said nothing.


The following morning, Sunday, we awoke to find the sun streaming in through the curtains and my cock as stiff as a ramrod.  Feeling it pressing against her, Miss E gave a little squeal of pretend fright, threw back the bed covers and looked down at it.  “Really Peter, how can you do that – especially after last night…whatever am I going to do with you?”  However, my adorable Miss E was a resourceful woman and within half a minute of uttering those words she was sitting astride me with my pulsing erection right up inside her.

It was well past midday when we finally emerged from the bathroom to get dressed.  “I don’t want you to be my maid today, Peter.  Instead, I would like you to be my companion, so I want you to wear these.” 

So saying, she walked over to the wardrobe, reached inside and took out a soft looking skirt with a pale green and cream swirl design on it, and a cream vee-necked jumper.  “I bought these for you the other week,” she said.  “I thought they would go extremely well with your mint-coloured underwear,” she laughed, and added, “This is known as a half circle skirt which means that it will blow up in a breeze and you will be showing your knickers!”  We both laughed and started to get dressed.  These days I could dress and undress almost as expertly as Miss E.  Fastening my suspender belts with the hooks and eyes at the back was no longer a problem, and neither was clipping the back suspenders to my stockings.  The skirt and jumper fitted well and Miss E said that I looked very nice, and after lunch we would go into the garden and prune the roses.  I enjoyed being in the garden because I loved the feel of the wind blowing my skirt and petticoat about my legs.  It was a very big, secluded garden with tall trees and large shrubs, and it was all too easy to sit in the shade of a tree or shrub, abandon gardening, and indulge in delightful naughtiness, which happened on many occasions.

Being Miss E’s ‘companion’ on a Sunday became a regular happening.  In those days it was quite normal for ‘ladies’ to have a companion in the house.  Their job was to run the household and garden but they were also, in a way, ‘a friend’ and enjoyed the freedom of the house, used the car and socialised together.  Now, obviously I wasn’t, and couldn’t be, a companion in the true sense, but I absolutely loved assuming that role on Sundays.  However, on Friday evenings and Saturdays I reverted to my role of maid with just as much enjoyment.  Miss Amelia nearly always came to visit on Saturday afternoons and I had to change from black skirt to trousers and panties.  This was necessary because the directoire knickers and suspenders showed through the rather thin material of Angela’s trousers.  That being the case, we thought it prudent that I change.

Dusting the skirting boards and chair legs became a pleasure because Miss Amelia was showing more and more of her knickers.  Whether she was conversing with Miss E or reading the newspaper, she seemed to be crossing her legs more and more frequently, and from my vantage point on the floor, that gave me a wonderful view up her dress or skirt.  Miss E knew full well the effect this had on me and on one occasion after I had finished dusting and stood up with my duster strategically held to cover my erection, she suddenly leaned forward and took it from my hand saying there was a mark on her shoe.  She leaned down, rubbed at the mark and gave the duster back to me.  Nothing was said, but I felt Miss Amelia’s eyes on my bulging trouser front.  For once I didn’t blush and left the room feeling quite pleased that Miss Amelia had seen it.

Some weeks later, the totally unexpected happened.  Miss Amelia was sitting on the settee.  She was smartly dressed in a pale cream blouse, light brown skirt and tan stockings.  Her shoes with three inch heels were brightly polished.  She looked across at her friend and raised her eyebrows slightly in a questioningly way.  Miss E gave a little smile and nodded her head.


“Yes Miss Amelia?”

“I know you like looking up my skirts to see my knickers, so would you like me to show you what underwear I’m wearing today?”

My heart missed a beat and my mind whirled.  I couldn’t believe my own ears.  Miss Amelia was offering to show her knickers to me, and Miss E was encouraging her to do so.  It was almost too much to take in.

“Go on, Amelia, show him.”

Miss Amelia slowly raised her soft, summer skirt up to her stockinged thighs, and parted her knees.  I got a glimpse of very silky-looking cream directoire knickers and a matching lacy petticoat.  My cock started to throb.

“Oh Amelia, you’re wearing very lovely underwear dear”,  Miss E said.  “Show us more – I can see that Peter is very interested,” she added, reaching out and touching the bulge in my trousers.  I gave a little jump of pleasure.

Miss E’s friend smiled and said, “Yes, I can see that.  The bulge in his trousers is even bigger than it was the other week when you took the duster from him.  What a shame my dear late husband never reacted in the same manner during his lifetime.”  She paused and then lifted her skirt higher.  “Yes, this underwear is very pretty,” she said, looking down.  “I bought these knickers, together with this lovely petticoat and suspender belt last week in Goddard’s.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a brassiere in my size, but they should have one within the next few days – or so I was told.” 

Hearing Miss Amelia talking about her underwear like that made my prick throb even more.  Miss E reached over and touched the petticoat.  “That is a very pretty lace trim,” she said.

“Isn’t it?  I didn’t intend to buy any underwear when I went to town, I have to admit, but I happened to glance at the window display as I walked past the shop and was so taken by it I just had to go in to see if they had it in my size.”

“And they did, obviously,” smiled Miss E adding,  “I wonder if they might have a pale blue set in my size.  I have to go into town tomorrow, so I will go in and enquire.  You can come along for the ride if you aren’t doing anything else, and we can take Peter with us.”

“Yes, I would like to do that.  I can then ask them about my brassiere.  What time do you intend to go?”

“I thought about ten o’clock and that will give us plenty of time to look around and perhaps have lunch somewhere I also want to buy some more knickers for Peter, anyway.”

As usual I was wearing Angela’s trousers and underneath I had on a pair of tight fitting, very silky pink panties that Miss E had bought for me.  Now she intended to buy more.  My heart leapt with joy at the thought.

“Show Amelia the knickers you are wearing Peter, I’m sure she would like to see them, wouldn’t you, Amy?”  Miss E usually called her friend Amy.  Then she added, “Amy knows that I like you to wear knickers Peter, and she also knows that you enjoy wearing them.”

“Oh, I would, very much indeed and, for some reason that I can’t explain, I find the thought of Peter wearing knickers quite exciting.”

Miss E reached across and unzipped my trousers.  I slid them down and stepped out of them.  Both women looked at the exciting bulge my prick was making through the thin, silky material of my knickers.

“Hmmm, that looks very nice, very nice indeed”, said Miss Amelia looking intently at my stiff, straining erection.  “And such lovely knickers too,” she added.

“Yes indeed,” replied Miss E, and ran her hand over my bulging cock again.  “Did that feel nice Peter?” she asked.

“Oh yes, miss,"  I replied, trying hard not to cum off.  It wasn’t easy, standing there in front of the two sexy ladies, what with Miss Amelia sitting in front of me with her legs wide apart showing me her lovely silky cream directoire knickers, and Miss E running her hand over my pulsing erection.  Also, listening to their conversation about underwear and buying me more knickers didn’t help in any way at all!

Miss E moved forwards in her chair.  I turned and was rewarded by a glimpse of her pink directoire knickers.  “Yes, Peter,” she smiled, “your favourite colour.”  Then, almost mischievously, she opened her legs just a little bit wider to let me see further up her skirt.

She turned her head towards her friend.  “He loves pink underwear.  It’s his favourite colour - and he really likes the particular shade of these knickers, don’t you Peter dear?” she said, and ran her hand over my knickered bottom.

I nodded, trying to ignore the feel of her hand against me and the silky nylon rubbing against the tip of my ultra sensitive cock.  “Yes Miss, I do.  I like that colour very much indeed, it is my favourite.”

“And I can see that you like Amelia’s knickers as well.  Touch and feel them, just like you do mine.  Go on, it’s quite all right, and Amelia does really want you to do so.”

With my heart beating hard, I knelt down between Miss Amelia’s open thighs and touched the little puckers of material covering the elastic around her thighs.  I liked doing that and it always made Miss E shiver with pleasure whenever I did it to her; in fact it is something neither of us tired of doing.  It made Miss Amelia shiver too.  “Oh, that does feel nice,” she said.  “Do it again.”

I followed those exciting little puckers of silkiness all the way around first one thigh and then the other.  My prick was threatening to explode.  Miss Amelia kept giving little sighs of pleasure and moved forwards in the chair.  She opened her legs even wider and her gusset of her knickers stretched tightly across the bulge of her cunt.  I put my hand over her silky knicker-gusset and touched the softness of her cunt through the material.  It felt large and within seconds her love juice had soaked through her knickers and was making my fingers wet.  “Ooh,” she almost gasped, “ooh that is so nice…Oooh....”  Then she reached out, pulled my knickers down, grasped my prick and squeezed it hard.  Some spunk came out and ran over her hand.  She looked at it.  “Oh wonderful,” she said, the words hardly audible.

Then she reached out with her other arm and pulled me against her.  “It is wonderful, Peter.  It is wonderful and so exciting to see and touch you and have you touch me and it is so wonderful that Miss E made it happen, but”, her voice sank to a whisper, “we must stop – and we must stop now and not go any further although I would love to have you to go on touching me and making me feel so…so” she hesitated, “so excited”. 

She closed her eyes and breathed very deeply trying to regain control of her emotions.  Slowly she relinquished her grasp on my erection which was rapidly going down.  I felt very confused and upset.   

Miss E rushed over and put an arm around her friend.  “Amy, my dear, whatever is the matter?” she said with concern in her voice. “Tell me, dear, please.”

Miss Amelia swallowed two or three times in rapid succession.  She took a very deep breath and opened her eyes.  “Oh my dear, it’s my late husband, he never really approved of….of, well, of sex and over the years his attitude made me suppress all my natural emotions and now, and now,” her eyes filled with tears.  “He flooded into my thoughts and ruined everything, as he always did no matter what I was doing, and just when Peter was making me feel so wonderful.  Ooh, it just isn’t fair….” she said, and burst into tears.

Miss E sat on the arm of the chair and held her friend very tightly and stroked her hair to calm her.  Not knowing what else to do, I moved away and sat on a chair.  Both ladies looked in my direction.  “No, Peter”, they said almost in unison, “don’t go away – come here”.

I went over and there not being any other space, Miss Amelia opened her legs for me.  I knelt on the floor and felt their arms go around me, and I put my arms around them as best I could.  Miss Amelia stopped crying and pressed her thighs against me.  Then she opened them wide, and pressing them against me a second time, and she pulled me against her with her arm.  My cock began to stiffen and I moved my hand and pulled my knickers down so she could feel it.  She said nothing but moved slightly so her cunt was pressing against it.  My erection became rock hard.  I slipped my hand under the elastic in the leg of her knickers and slowly moved it upwards over the top of her stocking and along her suspender until I reached the top of her thigh.

She reached down and pulled the leg of her knickers upwards as far as it would go and I was able to move my hand and touch the hairs and lips of her cunt.  Miss E sensed what was happening and continued to hold and kiss her friend.  Using my other hand I pulled her knickers to one side and slipped first one and then two fingers right up inside her.  She gasped as she felt them go in, “Mmmmm, Ummm.  Oooh that feels so very nice.  Ooh, more.  Do it more, more.”

Miss E was still holding her friend and she was breathing almost as quickly as Miss Amelia.  “Oh Peter,” I heard her say, “Let Amelia feel your cock.  Put it inside her, now.  She wants to feel it.  I know she does...” 

I moved my hands and put them right up Miss Amelia’s skirt and petticoat and pulled her knickers down and slipped them off over her shoes.  I slid my panties down until the elastic was resting under my balls, pulled my foreskin right back and pressed my ever-so-sensitive, swollen knob between Miss Amelia’s large slippery cunt lips.  It slid right up inside her in one long, juicy thrust.  Her back arched and she gasped loudly as she felt it go in.  I then started to thrust my rock hard erection this way and that, as hard as I could, because I knew instinctively exactly what she wanted. 

Having spent about six months with Miss E, under her tuition and guidance I knew just how to please a lady, and, most importantly, how to respond to their moods and wishes, spoken or otherwise, and I knew that at this moment Miss Amelia wanted, to put it crudely, a good hard fuck, even if she didn’t know that herself.  Her gasps became louder and she began to thrust herself against me I felt her legs go around me pulling me against her.  “It’s happening…it’s happening it’s…Oooh, it’s happening.  Mmmm, More,  HARDER...” she shouted the last few words.

“Fuck her Peter, fuck her.  Get your cock right up her. That’s right.  Harder..”  Miss E cried out, urging me on as I thrust my bursting prick in and out of Miss Amelia’s eager cunt with all the strength I could manage.  Eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cock exploded sending shudders of pure pleasure through my body as my spunk spurted deep inside her.

“I’m cummingI’m cumming,” I cried out, thrusting myself against Miss Amelia.

And... And.  So am I, nownow...  It’s happening, …now.  Ooooh... Fuck me.  FUCK ME.  Fuck Oooh..”

Miss Amelia’s voice went up and down as she reached a climax that seemed to go on and on until she suddenly slumped against Miss E, seemingly exhausted by her uninhibited display of emotion.  Miss E told me later that her friend had never experienced a proper climax in her entire life-time before that moment.

We didn’t move for at least ten minutes after that.  We just cuddled and held each other.  Slowly Miss Amelia leaned forward slightly and kissed me on my cheek.  “You will never know just what you have done for me today,” she almost whispered.  Softly, she explained, “Many people would consider what we did to be disgusting and perverted even, but I don’t.  The two of you have stripped my inhibitions and self doubts away, and created a new me,” she smiled, and then gave a lilting laugh.  “I don’t care what anybody says, I consider this to be the most wonderful experience of my life and I know it has changed me completely, and I feel so very happy.”  She kissed me again and then turned and kissed Miss E.  “Thank you both”, she said, and gave me a big squeeze.

Miss E said nothing but gave an understanding smile, and then reached across and squeezed her friend’s hand.  She was sitting on the arm of the chair, side-saddle style, and her skirt had worked its way up over her thighs.  The gusset of her silky pink knickers looked very wet.  I put my hand out and touched it.  It was very wet indeed.  She gave a little jump and laughed.  “Yes, you naughty boy, that is all your fault and now I will have to change my knickers.”  She gave me a playful smack on the wrist.

Miss Amelia laughed.  “I don’t wish to sound rude, but he has made me very, very wet indeed.”  She moved in the chair.  “Oh dear,” she said, putting a hand between her thighs, “I am so…sooo...” 

“Just stay where you are dear,” interrupted Miss E.  “Peter will fetch a towel for you, won’t you dear?”  She said looking at me.

“Yes Miss”,  I replied, standing up.  Miss Amelia touched my limp penis.  “I think He must be exhausted”, she said with a laugh.  “I ought to be thoroughly ashamed of myself, but I am most definitely not!”

“And you shouldn’t be,” said Miss E.  “And I can assure you that Peter’s cock will recover in a very short space of time, have no worries about that!”  Then she leaned forward and very carefully pulled my panties up to my waist.

I fetched a clean hand towel from the cloak-room and handed to Miss Amelia.

“Peter could do that for you, dear,” Miss E said, as Miss Amelia proceeded to dry herself.

“I’m sure that he could, but if he did we might start all over again and I really must get away,” replied Miss Amelia, glancing at the clock.  “I have to chair the village hall committee meeting this evening, though why they must hold it on a Saturday even if it is an emergency meeting I really don’t know.”  She paused and laughed, “I think that I might have some difficulty in concentrating on matters somehow tonight, especially if the vicar goes off on one of his endless digressions.”  They both laughed.

She reached out to gather up her knickers.  “Oh, leave those Amy dear, Peter will find a nice clean pair for you to wear, won’t you Peter?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Peter knows where all my clothes are, in fact he chooses what I wear each day and matches everything perfectly right down to the shade of my stockings.  In fact he is the perfect maid.”

“Oh, how lovely, tell me, I can see that he is wearing panties now.  Does he dress for the role?”

“Oh yes, he has to.  I can’t have my maid wearing trousers - Oh dear me, no, he wears a white or cream blouse and black skirt.”

“Stockings too?”

“Oh yes, stockings, suspenders, and a slightly flared petticoat to push his skirt out.  He also has to wear proper knickers, like you and I wear,  not panties.  And I must say that he looks extremely nice in his uniform and he adores wearing it, don’t you Peter?”

“Oh yes Miss, I do.”  Oh dear, my penis was beginning to take an interest again.  I hoped they wouldn’t notice Miss E looked at me, raised an eyebrow, smiled, but said nothing.  Very little escaped her notice and I just adored her.

“Why have I never seen him dressed in that way?” asked Miss Amelia.

“Well dear, I wasn’t quite sure what your reaction would be.  It is a rather unusual arrangement as I’m sure you would be the first to agree!” replied Miss E.

“Well, I think I would have liked it, in fact I’m sure I would,” she said and stood up.  She blushed slightly and reached for the towel again.  “Oh dear,” she said.  “After I leave here I think I will have to dash home and put something on.”

“Oh don’t bother,” replied Miss E.  She looked at me.  “Peter, when you put out clean knickers for Amy will you also put out a sanitary towel and belt for her.”

Miss Amelia went bright red. 

“Don’t be embarrassed Amy, Peter knows all about such things.  I often have to wear one.  The trouble is, Peter appears to have far more than his fair share of spunk and one must make allowances.”

Hearing her friend utter such a rude word caused Miss Amelia’s face turn from bright red to deep crimson.  “Really Brenda”, she said, “must you use such language?”

“Amy, my dearest friend, Peter and I have our own private vocabulary and that includes words that others frown upon.  We find so-called forbidden words used at the right moment exciting and not disgusting.  In fact,” she added “you yourself said ‘fuck’ not twenty minutes ago.”

“Did I?”

“Yes you did!  Several times!”

“Oh…” said Miss Amelia somewhat thoughtfully.

My penis was definitely taking an active interest in things now, so I excused myself and went to Miss E’s bedroom.  As I left the drawing room I heard Miss E call out, “Peter, now that Amy knows what you like to wear, please put on a skirt and not trousers.”

“Yes Miss,” I called back, as I went up the stairs with my penis pushing out against my very wet panties.  I knew what she meant.  She wanted her maid back; there were lovely silky knickers to wash and perhaps a chair to be sponged clean.

Inside her bedroom I crossed over to the large antique chest of drawers and pulled open the second drawer down.  That one contained her knickers and panties.  The next one down was full of nightdresses and petticoats.  The fourth drawer held her corselets and an assortment of girdles.  I quite liked some of the girdles, especially the open ones with suspenders, and I often wondered what they were like to wear.

It would be no good me trying any of these on because they would be far too large although I knew she would let me if I wanted to.  There were also three small drawers ranged along the top.  These contained her stockings, suspender belts and brassieres, in that order.

I pushed my hands into a sea of silkiness enjoying the feel of puckered elastic brushing against my hands as I sorted through them.  This always had an effect on me and by the time I had found a pair of cream knickers for Miss Amelia that would almost match her petticoat, and a pair of pink knickers for Miss E, my penis was throbbing again.  I carried them over to the bed and carefully placed them on the quilt.  I then went over to a tall wardrobe and opened the doors.  It was packed full of dresses and skirts.  Coats and other outdoor clothes were kept in a second wardrobe across the room.  At the bottom of the wardrobe were four drawers.  These held accessories such as belts, silk scarves and so on.

The drawer on the right contained her ‘personal’ items, and that’s the one I opened.  Inside were several packets of those things ‘that cannot be mentioned in polite company’ together with an assortment of belts.  I took out one of the packets together with a rather pretty cream belt, closed the drawer, and then the door.  I took them over to the bed and placed them on top of the knickers. 

I liked the feel of those particular knickers quite a lot because they were so very soft and silky and I was just about to run my hands over them again when Miss E and Miss Amelia entered the room.

“There,” said Miss E, pointing across to the bed.  “As I told you, all laid out and waiting.  Without any doubt Peter is a superb maid.”

“Hmmm, I see what you mean.  Everything – and I do mean everything,” Miss Amelia said, looking at the packet and cream belt resting neatly on top of the cream knickers.  “And all neatly put out ready for use.  Tell me,” she added, “Is this the sort of thing Peter does for you?”

“Yes it is!  I simply tell him that I wish to wear a skirt or a dress and he attends to the rest.”

“How remarkable, I begin to feel quite envious!”  Miss Amelia said with a laugh.  I smiled as well but said nothing.  I could see that both of them were looking at the bulge my erection was making through my panties.  “Umm, yes, well...” she added looking at her watch, “I really must leave; otherwise I will be late for the meeting.  You will have to excuse me, but I must get myself ready.”  She walked over to the bed gathered up the knickers and other things and disappeared into the bathroom.

Miss E came over to me and placed a hand over my cock while she put her other arm around my shoulders.  She gave it a gentle squeeze.  “I think we might have an early night, Peter dear,” she said, with a meaningful smile.  “But now I must change out of these knickers.”

“I’ll do it,” I said, and knelt down in front of her.  I put my hands up her skirt and petticoat and slipped her knickers gently down to her feet.  She stepped out of them, reached over to the bed and handed me the clean knickers.  “Thank you,” she said as I pulled them gently up into their place, and let her clothes fall back, but not before I had put my hand between her warm, silk covered thighs, and pressed it against her lovely cunt.  “Ummm,” she murmured, “that felt nice.  Whatever would I do without you?”

Before I could reply Miss Amelia came back into the room.

“Oh, that feels a little safer,” she said with a smile.  She turned and looked at Miss E.  “You are right.  I know so very little about such things, but dear Peter does appear to have much more than his fair share of, ..  of,” she hesitated,  “of spunk, as you call it.”  As she uttered that word, two crimson spots appeared on her cheeks.  Then she added, “Indeed, a great deal of spunk!”  This time she just spoke the word quite naturally and with no blushes.  She took another towel from the packet.  “Would you mind, dear, if I take one with me, just in case?”

“Not at all", Miss E paused, then, "Peter, be a dear and go and find a little paper bag for Amy to put it in.”

I went along to the box room where handy things such as paper bags, used brown wrapping paper, various lengths of string and an assortment of cardboard boxes of all sizes were kept on the assumption that they ‘would come in handy one day’.  I found a suitable white paper bag and took it back to Miss E’s bedroom and handed it to Miss Amelia.

“Thank you, Peter.”  She took the bag and inside it placed the ‘you-know-what’.  “I really must be going otherwise I will be late for the meeting, oh dear,” she said, glancing at the window, “it’s raining.”

We had been so taken by events that we hadn’t noticed the darkening sky.  Miss E’s house was situated on a hillside and overlooked the village.  The many-shaped rooftops looked very wet and unfriendly.

“Oh dear,” repeated Miss Amelia.  “I cycled here today and now I think I’m going to get rather wet – in a rather and altogether less pleasant way!” she added, looking at me.

Miss E smiled, “Don’t worry Amy dear”, she said.  “I will give you a lift in the car, but will you be able to get home from the meeting alright?”

“Oh thank you Brenda, that is most kind, and yes, I will be able to get home.  Ethel, you know, Major Thompson’s wife, will give me a lift.”

“That’s good.  Ummm, the car is in the driveway, so we will have to make a dash for it.”

“Goodbye Peter.”

“Goodbye Miss Amelia.”

She came over and gave me a hug.  As she did so I rather daringly put my hand on her ample bottom.  I could feel the towel peeping out from between her thighs.  I pressed it gently.

“Oh you naughty boy”, she said with a smile, and gave me another hug.  “Now don’t forget”, she added, “we are all going shopping at Goddard’s tomorrow.  Now I know what you like to wear, I intend to buy you a present.  I do hope you will like what I have in mind for you.”  She leaned across to Miss E and whispered in her ear.

“Oh, really?  Yes.  Yes.  I think he will like that, dear, he most certainly will!”

Miss E gave me hug.  “I will be back shortly.  You can have your bath and change your clothes whilst I’m away.”  She hesitated, then added, “Oh, and don’t forget that there are several pairs of knickers to be washed, so I think you should wear your maids uniform.”

“I would love to see him dressed like that”,  Miss Amelia said.

“You will dear, I promise you.”

The two ladies left the room and I went into the bathroom and turned on the taps.  As the water flowed into the bath I stood there trying to think just what Miss Amelia intended to buy for me at Goddard’s.  Miss E had bought suspender belts, petticoats, lovely silky directoire knickers, panties, stockings and other things for me, so what other joys were in store for me?

It all sounded very mysterious and exciting.  I also knew that Miss E wouldn’t tell me, so therefore I would just have to curb my curiosity and wait for tomorrow to arrive.  Hmmm, mysterious and very exciting, too.





Knickers Seduction - Part 3

(Peter and Brenda; more adventures with directoire knickers)

Another delightful six months has passed and it is now a beautiful June morning.  The flower beds are a mass of colour and birds and a million – or so it seems to me – insects are darting here and there.  Bees are busy doing their rounds and the air is full of bird song from the raucous cry of the rooks in their tall trees to the chirping of sparrows as they swoop and play in and around the many shrubs in the garden.

I am supposed to be mowing the lawns, something I do each and every Saturday morning weather permitting.  This is my employment; various jobs in and around the house and garden for Miss E.  Certainly my tasks are varied and range from vacuuming carpets to cleaning the car.  However, I am no gardener.  I cut the grass but my gardening is confined to assisting Miss E., who is something of an expert in everything from planting whatever to pruning roses.  However, she is a good teacher and I am learning all the time.

It is quite amazing to think that two years have flown by since that momentous day Miss E. had caught me looking up her skirt as she got out of her car.  The front doors of a car are hinged on the centre column so they had to open backwards.  A lady therefore had to be quite careful to protect her modesty with her skirts when entering or leaving a car.  On that day I was on my knees weeding when Miss E. drove onto the driveway, opened the door and started to step out.  Needless to say I looked up from my work and from my kneeling position had a most wonderful view right up her skirt as she placed her foot onto the drive.  I could see gorgeous silky directoire knickers all the way up to the tightly stretched gusset as she parted her legs.  She saw me looking and Oh dear!  How she had shouted at me and called me a rude boy and even threatened to tell my mother.  I remembered how red my face had turned and how I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.  I shall never forget the colour of those knickers however – they were a lovely shade of cream and she still has them, only now they are kept safely in her underwear drawer and only worn on special occasions.

How things have changed since that event.  I now live with Miss E. and have done so for the past eighteen months.  I also now know that she had actually wanted me to look up her skirt on that day, and shouting at me was all pretence.  But she also admitted that she had very much enjoyed my discomfiture.  Officially I am her maid and I am expected to dress accordingly.  Obviously many people – most, in fact – would consider this to be a very strange and even perverted existence, but it came about in one way and another and we both liked the arrangement, so now I live here, in the large house overlooking the village, as Miss E’s maid and lover.  Put simply we adore each other and I, most certainly, would do just about anything to please her.  However, because of the situation we have created between us, I always refer to her as  ‘Miss’ whilst she calls me either ‘Peter’ or ‘Peter dear’.  This is what we like to do and it most certainly doesn’t stop me running my hand up her skirt to enjoy the silky feel of her soft directoire knickers whenever I happen to find her bending over something, or when we pass on the stairs.  And neither does it inhibit her from putting her hand out to feel and play with my cock several times a day!

Very early on in our relationship we soon decided that certain words were much better and exciting than others.  Therefore it wasn’t very long before we were referring to her lovely vagina as her ‘cunt’ and her breasts became ‘titties’ or ‘tits’.  My penis was called a ‘cock’ or ‘prick’ and we spoke about ‘fucking’ and being ‘fucked’.  And my semen soon became ‘spunk’ or ‘cum’.  However these words, which would probably cause Miss E’s contemporaries to faint if they heard them, were never, ever used ‘outside the bedroom’ so to speak.  These were ‘our’ words and we liked using them.  In everyday conversation even words such as the inoffensive ‘damn’ were frowned upon. 

Miss E. was very, very good to me.  She had taught me to drive her car and I now proudly held a motor car driving licence, which put me a little ahead of the boys in the village who still had motorcycle licences.  I too had a motorcycle licence, but I felt being able to drive a car put me in a different league.  Driving a car was a wonderful experience.
Over the months she had also bought a complete wardrobe for me to wear ranging from a maid’s uniform to soft summer skirts.  I had been given many complete sets of underwear in lovely pastel shades of pink, cream, blue, coffee and other colours including white.  My maid’s uniform consisted of a cream brassiere, a matching suspender belt and light grey stockings, very silky cream directoire knickers and a full length petticoat, a white or cream blouse, black skirt and black court shoes with two and a half inch heels.  I also had to wear a small white pinafore.  I adored putting on these clothes and by the time I was sliding the petticoat down over my head, my cock was usually as stiff as a metal bar and my swollen, purple knob was pressing and rubbing against the silkiness of my knickers.  I have to admit that very often I ended up with a small damp patch where a few drops of cum had managed to escape in spite of my best efforts to avoid that from happening. 

My clothes had been, and still are, purchased by Miss E. from good quality catalogues or by visiting a Ladies’ shop, owned by her friend Miss Mountford, in our local town of Shalford.  The very first time I was taken there, I was so embarrassed by the displays of underwear, stockings and corsets that I just stood hiding my very red face behind a tall display cabinet.  I didn’t actually run out of the shop although I had the urge to do so, because I did realise that Miss E. was actually shopping for me, well, for both of us in a way, because the items she purchased would make us both very happy.  Later on I became used to shopping there and would stand contentedly by Miss E’s shoulder as Miss Mountford placed silky directoire knickers, petticoats and suspender belts on the counter for her to examine.  I was even invited to choose the colour, which I did, and then watched as Miss Mountford carefully folded everything up and placed it into quite colourful haberdashery bags which she handed to me whilst Miss E. signed her account.  Nowadays, I would be quite happy to go along to Miss Mountford’s shop by myself and buy knickers or stockings or some other item of ladies’ clothing.

The house, which is quite grand, had been built on a hill and stood back from the village.  It stands in a very large secluded garden and therefore I was able to move about outside no matter how I was dressed.  Fortunately, it really didn’t matter, because I was about middle height and blessed with quite shapely legs.  I kept my hair quite long and being reasonably good looking I could pass as a ‘boyish looking’ girl quite easily in almost any situation.  Obviously my voice would give me away the moment I spoke, but in the car, for example, I didn’t attract a second glance.  When working in the garden, as I am today, I wear trousers but they are ladies trousers with a zip on the side.  Underneath I usually wear either girls’ navy blue school knickers or black silky panties, it doesn’t matter which, because I love wearing either.  A light shirt or jumper and stout gardening shoes complete my outfit and I am dressed to do almost anything required of me, from cutting grass to digging the soil.  I didn’t often wear a brassiere when in the garden unless the weather was chilly, because it made me hot.  

I sympathise with the opposite sex who have to wear them all the time.  On very rare occasions, when the day was hot, I would talk Miss E. into taking off her brassiere but that was never really a good idea because I would end up playing with her titties and the next instant we would be under the canopy of a tree in a state of undress, with Miss E. sitting stride me, slowly and deliberately guiding my stiff cock towards her very wet open cunt lips.  For some inexplicable reason thoughts of gardening seemed to glide away from our thoughts from that point on. 

Miss E. had many friends and acquaintances because of her village duties, but she has two or three ladies in particular with whom she is very friendly and they call at the house at various times, usually for afternoon tea; sometimes preceded by a sherry or two.  After their initial surprise – shock even – at first seeing me, they had accepted both me and the situation and now we are all good friends although they are prone to tease me on occasions.  But it is all done very gently and causes no offence or upset.   One of the ladies, Mrs Butcher, could be particularly naughty and would wait until I was sitting opposite and then slowly cross or uncross her legs in such a way that I could not avoid getting a clear view of her petticoat and knickers.  She always wore very nice pastel underwear and her petticoat usually had a wide hem of lace on it.  I’m convinced she knew that giving me even a fleeting glimpse of those little puckers of elastic going around her thigh would make my head spin and I always blushed to a deep crimson when she did it because I just couldn’t stop myself looking.  I knew she was watching me, and when our eyes met she would always give me a little smile.  As I say, she was quite naughty in a very nice way. 

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts!  They cause you to lose track of time and it was only the sound of the village church bells, probably ringing for a wedding that brought me back to the present.  I smiled to myself, let in the clutch of the mower, and continued with my task.  Actually I quite enjoyed cutting the grass and always made sure that the light and dark roller lines were very straight.  There were several lawns in various parts of the garden; the smaller ones I cut with a motorised hand mower, but the larger areas of were cut with a mower you sat on and drove.  I particularly liked doing that and would often drive whilst wearing a skirt.  I just loved sitting on the machine with my knees slightly apart enjoying the sensation of the wind gently blowing up and under my skirt and petticoat.  Miss E would always smile when she saw me doing that.  I told her that we should take our pleasures where and when we can! 

Miss E and I really enjoyed sex and we made love to each other whenever the opportunity arose.  It might be in the house, the garden or even when out in the car.  If we were travelling in the car, and there were no prying eyes about, my hand would sooner or later find its way under her skirt and petticoat and slowly explore her soft, lovely knickers.  I loved the feel and warmth of her thighs through the flimsy material and I enjoyed the movement of her legs as she operated the foot pedals.  I would slowly and deliberately trace the outline of her stocking tops with my finger and then follow her suspenders upwards until my hand was between her plump thighs and touching her cunt.  This always made her shriek and complain that she couldn’t control the car properly.  I didn’t stop touching her because it was too nice so she would look for a quiet lane, pull in and stop the car.  That allowed us to kiss and cuddle and then she would then slide down in the seat and open her legs as wide as the confines of the car would allow and I would lift her dress or skirt and petticoat up to her waist, slide her knickers down to her crotch and then play with her clitty and sensitive slit until she reached a gasping shuddering climax.  Afterwards we would enjoy a long loving cuddle until it was time to continue our journey. Sometimes of course it was the other way round.  I would be driving and Miss E would start teasing my cock and playing with my balls until it was impossible to continue our journey with any degree of safety.  So I ended up pulling in somewhere and giving myself up to those soft seductive hands of hers.  It didn’t matter whether I was wearing a skirt or trousers, within a few minutes my stiff, naked, pulsing prick would be up in her hand.  She could actually make me cum almost in seconds simply by pulling my foreskin right back, closing her warm lips over my big crimson, sensitive knob and then licking it with her warm, wet tongue.  To make matters worse – or better - her other hand lovingly squeezed and played with my balls.  I just couldn’t hold out against that sort of attack and soon I was thrusting against her mouth and shouting out that I was going to cum.  That only made her suck me harder and my cock always ended up almost down her throat.  She didn’t and wouldn’t stop until she felt the spunk rising and then she would let the first streamer of cum spurt out over her hand and then put my throbbing cock back into her mouth and suck out every last thick, milky drop.  Afterwards she would turn and kiss me right on my mouth, giving me a taste of the salty spunk she had just swallowed.  We were very naughty, and quite careless in that respect, because we wouldn’t have noticed anybody approaching when that was happening, but fortunately we were always lucky!   

We enjoyed a fantastic life together and, although we didn’t know it at the time, it was destined to carry on that way for many years.  It was just pure happiness and each and every day brought us more enjoyment.  We enjoyed sex to the full but importantly we were also very happy in each others’ company.  We did things together and we talked a lot.  We cuddled and kissed each other on the spur of the moment and we never, ever went to sleep without holding each other in a tight embrace, almost as though we didn’t want the darkness to separate us.

Oh dear, these thoughts – they can take over your life!  Anyway, I finished mowing the grass and went indoors to have a shower and change into clean clothes.  Miss E was in the kitchen arranging a vase of freshly cut flowers.  I went over and kissed her.  She smiled and asked if I would like something cool to drink as I looked – and probably smelt – rather hot.  We had a long glass of refreshing lemon cordial and then I told her that I intended to shower and change.

“When you get dressed, Peter dear, please put on that pink floral skirt, – I like that one and it will be cool to wear.”  She turned back to her flower arranging and added, “You could also put on a light cream blouse – that will go well with the pink skirt and then you could put on pink underwear….I think that would all look very nice and when you come down, we will enjoy a cup of tea and a sandwich in the garden.”

I showered and put out the recommended clothes on the bed.  Pink skirt, light cream blouse, white brassiere, pink suspender belt, light tan stockings, soft, silky, pink directoire knickers and, because it was a warm day, a matching pink waist petticoat.  I then chose a pair of light tan court shoes and started to get dressed. By the time I was putting on the skirt my cock was rock hard.  It was the exciting sensation the knickers gave to me as I slipped them up over my stockings that caused it.  Nearly always!  It felt so very nice – all that softness and silkiness was just too much for my self control.  Fortunately by the time I got to the shoes, things had quietened down rather and I was no longer in danger of cumming off.  How very strange, I had been wearing directoire knickers nearly every day for almost the past two years and I enjoyed them now as much as I had ever done.

I went downstairs and Miss E gave me a little hug and said how nice I looked and then she lifted the hem of my skirt just high enough to see what I was wearing underneath.  Satisfied with what she’d seen, she gave a little nod of approval, picked up the lunch tray from the table, and we walked out onto the patio to have an enjoyable and leisurely lunch.  After which Miss E made several telephone calls, mostly in connection to her village duties, whilst I cleared away and washed up.  She then had a bath and changed her clothes before we prepared dinner which is something we always did together.  Later, after eating our meal, we cleared away, washed up and then retired to the patio and just sat and watched the sun go down.  It was very peaceful and we did this quite often when the weather was good.  Miss E then went into the drawing room to write some notes for a meeting she was chairing the next day.
Eventually I got up from my chair and joined Miss E.  She was standing in front of one of the sofas re-reading her notes.  I decide to be naughty and went across and dropped onto my knees in front of her.  I reached out and placed both hands under the hem of her soft floral summer dress and very slowly began feeling her lovely silky directoire knickers.  She said nothing but let her note pad fall onto the sofa and started to give little sighs of pleasure as I explored the little puckers of elastic around her thighs and then moved my hands very slowly upwards to stroke her suspenders and stocking tops.  Her sighs turned to little moans as I slowly moved one of my hands across her thigh to her plump bum and let my fingers follow the crease of her bottom down to the warm exciting gusset of her knickers.  With my other hand I felt and stroked the swollen lips of her cunt through the damp silky crotch of those lovely pale blue knickers.   I could feel that her clit was getting very swollen and it was sticking out from between her cunt lips.  She gave little jumps and shudders of pleasure as I touched and stroked it.  I then started to feel her exciting bum hole with my other hand, so I had both my hands deep between her thighs.  It was wonderful.  By now I was pressing the gusset of her knickers right into her slit and into the crease of her bottom and I could feel the silky material getting wetter and wetter.  My cock was throbbing and pressing hard against my own knickers.  I was just longing to push my tongue into that silky haven to taste her sweet love juice.

It was almost as though Miss E was reading my mind, because at that precise moment she whispered “Peter dear, take my knickers down – take them right off…  I really need to feel you with nothing in the way…” I slipped her lovely knickers down to her feet and she stepped out of them then, holding her skirt and petticoat up to her waist, she opened her legs, bent her knees slightly and thrust her cunt out to me.  Her cunt lips opened and I could see her glistening, deep pink slit and hard clitty.  I reached out and slowly and gently opened those exciting cunt lips even more and then leaned forward and started to lick her gorgeous very moist slit.  The taste was divine and I felt some spunk come out of my cock making my knickers slightly wet.

“Ooooh…Oooooh…OOOOOOH….that is too nice, Peter, you’re making me weak..  Let me sit down..”  I stopped and she turned to the sofa and sat down, slithered forward a little and opened her legs really wide.  “Now you can lick me some more.” she murmured and reached down and pulled her cunt lips wide apart.  Her hole was gaping open and I reached out and slipped a finger inside and pushed it right up as far as it would go.  She gasped as it went in and she gasped again as I leaned forward and took her large stiff clit into my mouth and started to suck it.  I could hear her moaning with pleasure and her hand was pulling my head against her.

After a while I took my wet finger out of her cunt and pressed it against her slippery bum hole.  It went in without any trouble.  Miss E gave a sobbing gasp as she felt it go in.  “Oh Peter, that feels lovely…really lovely…OOohhh...”  As I rubbed my finger in and out of her hole, I moved my head and put my tongue right inside her gaping cunt hole and began flicking it in and out. “Ummmm…OOOhh…Peter…oooooh Peter…you’re fucking me with your tongue, you naughty boy………are…..going….to…..make……me……..cum…do……….it…………….harder..harder….more…more…AAaaaaah…it’s……happening…I’m…….cumming…I’m…….cumming…….now…now…now….OOOOOOOOhhhhh…….”  I felt her love juice flowing around my tongue as she reached a huge shuddering climax.  Her wet hot thighs were gripping my head, pulling me onto her cunt and my finger was right up inside her wide open arsehole.  She came off four times before she slowly relaxed her grip and sank down into the sofa.  My throbbing cock was threatening to explode.  I very slowly withdrew my finger from her bum hole, lifted up my skirt, pulled my knickers down to the tops of my stockings and took hold of my aching cock.

It was far too sensitive because just touching it like that caused a streamer of thick spunk to spurt out and go over Miss E’s suspender belt and her well-spread cunt.  She saw what was happening and reached down and grasped my cock.  The touch of her hand sent a second stream of spunk right across her dress and more onto her suspender belt.  “Ooooh Peter, all that spunk, it’s lovely and he’s still hard, quick, put him in my cunt while you can…now…put him in now.” I took hold of my cock and thrust it right up inside her.  It was just like going into warm honey.  I felt my foreskin being pulled right back as it went in giving me a sensation that was too much to bear and I started to cum again with a wild vengeance.  I heard myself moaning with pleasure as my thick spunk started to fill Miss E’s cunt.  Feeling me cum made her climax again only this time it was on my straining, spurting cock.  Gasping, we hung onto each other for sometime after that.  Each time my cock moved inside her sensitive cunt she gave a shudder and held me more tightly.
It was some time before I eased my wilting prick out of her hole and felt it pressing against her soft wet cunt hair.

“Oh, Peter dear, that was wonderful..really wonderful.  You know just how to make me very happy, don’t you?” she murmured and kissed me.  She moved slightly and said “Oh dear, I do feel rather wet,” and laughed.  I moved back a little way and looked down at her tummy and laughed.  “Yes Miss, I can see why you are feeling wet” I said.  Her cunt was glistening with a lovely mixture of her love juice and my spunk.  She had spunk all along her deep pink slit and over some of her cunt hair.  The tops of her thighs looked as wet and slippery as her cunt.  She put a hand between her thighs and laughed again.  “Yes, Peter dear, as usual you have made me VERY wet haven’t you?  I think we had better go upstairs and have a bath.”  She reached down and touched my very slippery cock.  “I think we will wash each other tonight – that will be nice and then we will put on our lovely slippery nightdresses and perhaps go to bed – but first I want my cuddle!”

That cuddle lasted about a couple of hours because we fell asleep, just as we were, on the sofa.  It is a very large, comfortable, deep sofa so the fact that we fell asleep wasn’t too surprising.  It had happened before and would very likely happen again many times in the future!  When we awoke, I gave Miss E a kiss and went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea and brought some biscuits back so we could have a little snack.  Having drunk our tea and enjoyed a couple of biscuits each I reached down and picked up her knickers from the floor and stood up.  I then helped her up from the sofa.  As she stood up she smiled and said, “Oh yes Peter, we mustn’t forget my knickers must we?  – I don’t think that I’ll bother to put them on though,” adding “they’ll probably still be rather damp, thanks to you…you naughty boy…” and she gave me a playful slap on the bottom.

Putting out the lights we went up the stairs to the bedroom.  Inside the room Miss E stopped by the bed and unfastened the belt of her dress, unbuttoned the top and let it slide down to the floor.  Next she lifted her petticoat up over her head and that joined her dress on the floor.  “Now you, Peter dear, get those clothes off,” she said and reached out and unfastened my blouse and slipped my skirt and petticoat down so that I could step out of them.  We then removed each others brassiere, suspender belt and stockings.  “That’s much better” she said with a smile.  “Now come here”, she ordered and put her arms around me and pressed me against her large soft titties. Feeling her superb tits and deep pink nipples against me was too much.  Incredibly my cock started to stiffen again and I reached out and started to feel and squeeze those gorgeous tits.  “Oh my God, that is so nice” she gasped, as I really squeezed and ‘milked’ her hard nipples.  “But even we can’t do it again so soon…can we?”  I didn’t reply but just kissed her and carried on milking her titties and nipples.  Soon she was moaning with pleasure again. “Now”, suddenly she almost shouted out the word, “now….fuck me … fuck me now…” and she threw herself onto the bed, bent her knees and opened them wide to show me her gaping cunt.  “Don’t play with me any more, just put that gorgeous stiff cock – and I don’t know how it can be that stiff so soon – but I don’t care, just put it right up inside my cunt and fuck me.”

I got between her thighs, took hold of my cock, and pulled the foreskin right back over my swollen purple knob.  Then I guided it between her swollen cunt lips until I was just inside her hole and then really thrust it right up inside her.  Her back arched and she shouted out as it went in.  As I thrust it in and out my balls slapped against her bottom, and I heard her shouting out, “FUCK ME….FUCK ME….Oooooh FUCK ME,  harder…harder…OOOOH you’ve made me sex mad…FUCK ME…GET THAT…PRICK RIGHT UP ME..  FILL ME UP WITH SPUNK AGAIN….OOOOOH - I’m GOING TO CUM – NOW…..NOW….NOW….OOOOOH…”  I felt her cunt juice flowing out over my balls and making them wet and very slippery.  As she came to shuddering, gasping climax spunk spurted from my prick again.  “OOOOH, Miss, I’m cumming as well….it’s spurting out…it’s filling your cunt…” “Oh more, give me lots of spunk….fill me up…OOOOh….OOOOOOh….OOOOh, Peter, Peter you will do me to death one of these days, I know you will…this is twice within the last two hours but it is sooooo very nice….please don’t stop doing this to me.” We then had another long lovely long cuddle with little kisses and hugs until Miss E murmured rather sleepily, “Peter, as always this is wonderful and I absolutely love it, but we really should have a bath before we fall asleep with exhaustion.”  


Well, eventually we did have our bath, which took some time, returned to the bedroom; put on our slippery nightdresses as Miss E. called them, enjoyed another long cuddle and fell asleep.   It is said that time goes by quite quickly when you are enjoying yourself and you have no worries.  Well, time slipped by for us as well.  We had been out and about in the car, the garden had been tended and we had been shopping here, there just about everywhere really.  And now we were back at Miss Mountford’s shop for some winter clothes.  Summer had departed and we were now bracing ourselves for winter.  Miss E thought that we should purchase some thicker skirts and jumpers for the cold days ahead.  She also mentioned the possibility of buying slightly thicker knickers and petticoats – nothing frumpy, just a little warmer than the flimsy underwear we are wearing at present.
So here we are back at Miss Mountford’s Ladies’ Underwear shop looking at directoire knickers and petticoats made from cotton.  I’d always thought ladies’ cotton underwear was boring and unattractive.  I was now rapidly changing my mind because Miss Mountford had put out some really attractive underwear for us to look at.  Although it was cotton, both the knickers and petticoats were smooth to the touch and deliciously soft and light to hold.  And the colours were every bit as attractive as the underwear we already had at home.  Miss E picked up a pair of soft pink knickers and then another pair in mint.  I pointed to some pale blue knickers and also to some more in a creamy coffee.  They looked and felt really lovely.  Eventually those were the colours we chose and we finally came out of the shop with petticoats and directoire knickers in each colour and in sizes suitable for each of us.  We also bought some slightly thicker stockings, two winter-weight skirts each and two or three gorgeous jumpers.  Fortunately the car was parked right outside the shop so we didn’t have to struggle too far with all our packages.  This was just as well really, because I didn’t fancy seeing our pretty underwear spilling out of a dropped bag onto the pavement! 


Over the next few weeks the temperature dropped quite severely and the wireless told us to expect a very cold December with the possibility of snow falling in January.  Our winter underwear turned out to be a great success and we both really enjoyed wearing our warm knickers, petticoats and stockings, especially when worn with the thicker skirts and jumpers and a good quality top coat.  With the addition of hats, woollen scarves and gloves we would venture out for a walk no matter how chilly the weather.  For some odd reason sex did not feature at all on these little rambles – but we made up for it when we returned home though!
Summer eventually returned in all its glory and our winter clothes were washed or cleaned, ironed, and put away.  And we were wearing our lovely silky underwear and summer skirts and dresses once again.  Today was an absolutely glorious Saturday and both of us had spent most of the day working in the garden.  Eventually we found the heat a little too intense and came indoors to bath and change because Miss E’s friends, Elizabeth Greene and Emily Allsop were going to pay a visit later in the day.  Needless to say coming into the house for a bath and a change of clothes wasn’t that simple for us!  After helping each other to undress we ended up on the bed enjoying ourselves.  My rigid prick was pressing hard against Miss E’s tummy and we were busy milking and playing with each others titties when Miss E.suddenly looked at the clock on the dressing table and gasped.  “Oh, my goodness!  It’s almost half past four and we have things to do – don’t forget that Elizabeth and Emily will be paying a visit at seven o’ clock”.  She stopped playing with my very sensitive tits and kissed me.  “Come on” she said, “we must bath and get dressed – will you please run the water while I take off my stockings and suspender belt.”  She got off the bed and stood up.  “Oh dear, I am SO very wet – AGAIN!  - you really are a very naughty boy, but please don’t stop making love to me – ever!” she added with a loving smile.

As I’ve said before, I absolutely adored her so I simply leaned over and kissed her shoulder.  She gave a little shudder of pleasure and smiled.  “That felt nice,” she said, “do it again...”  I obliged with pleasure.  “Ummmm, yes, more of that but later please….but at the moment I think we should run that bath otherwise we really won’t be ready in time for Emily and Elizabeth”.

I liked Mrs Greene and Miss Allsop very much indeed.  They were so like Miss E, comfortable middle class ladies living in nice houses, both members of the local Women’s Institute and very much involved with the running of the village.  I also knew that both ladies wore lovely silky directoire knickers because they often sat with their knees slightly apart – just enough for me to see a little way up their skirts.  I felt jolly sure they were teasing me, and I loved it. They were also completely relaxed about me wearing ladies’ attire and very often passed complimentary comments about the clothes I had on.  Miss Allsop particularly liked some of my skirts and would sometimes reach out and feel the material.  On several occasions she had lifted my skirt a little to look at my petticoat.  She said she wanted to see if my underwear was in keeping with whatever skirt I had on.  Very often she would say how pretty it was and then wanted to know if it matched my knickers.  My reply was to lift my skirt and petticoat just high enough to show her.  She enjoyed me doing that and so did Mrs Greene, who usually looked on with amused interest.  However on one occasion when we were alone in kitchen together Mrs Greene had reached out and put her hand under my skirt and actually touched my knickers just, as she put it, to make absolutely sure that I was properly dressed!


It was a very warm-hearted and pleasant relationship.  I had lived at Miss E’s house for the past eighteen months or so, and I had known these two ladies longer than that because they were visiting Miss E during the time I was actually employed by her to cut the grass, help here and there in the garden and do certain chores in the house such as vacuuming, dusting and washing the kitchen floor.  I was also expected to bring in the coal and coke for the fires and kitchen boiler.  They were always very pleasant to me then and nowadays, when circumstances have changed beyond belief, they are just as nice to me – even more so if anything and, as I said, not minding in the least that I am, for some of the time each day, Miss E’s maid.  

“Peter!  Peter!”  Miss E’s gentle voice interrupted my reverie and brought me back to earth with a slight jolt.  “Is the bath ready yet?” “Yes Miss, all ready.”

“You were very quiet – are you alright?” she asked as she came through the door from the bedroom.

“Yes Miss, I’m fine thank you.”

“Most unlike you to be that quiet – are you quite sure that you are alright?”

“Oh yes Miss.  I’m fine – and I’ll be even better in a minute if you continue to stand in front of me with no clothes on!  Actually, I was thinking about Mrs Greene and Miss Allsop.  They are very nice ladies, and we have all known each other for quite a long time now - I’m looking forward to their visit…they are always so very nice to me.”

“Well that’s because they like you…and I can understand that with no effort at all.”  And she came over to me, put her arms around me and gave me a long loving kiss that sent a shiver of warmth and contentment right through my body. As she stepped into the bath Miss E looked up, smiled and said “And don’t forget – they also like to know what colour knickers you are wearing, so they will be nice to you.”  And we both burst out laughing.  About half an hour later, after many squeals, sighs and much wriggling we were out of the bath, dry and glowing.  Miss E applied a little talcum powder here and there to both of us and then we went back into the bedroom. “Choose my underwear for me, please, Peter, and then you can match me,” she said.

I went over to the chest of drawers, opened a drawer and took out a lovely pair of silky directoire knickers in a beautiful shade of cream.  These were a favourite of mine because they were the knickers Miss E had been wearing when she stepped out of the car two years ago.  I then found the matching brassiere, suspender belt and petticoat, chose a pair of tan stocking from another drawer and placed everything on the bed.

“Even now I do like this particular colour,” Miss E said as she looked down at them.  “I really think it is my favourite, and these knickers are so soft and nice to wear – and I know that you like them a lot don’t you, Peter dear – and I also know why you like them, you naughty boy!” We both laughed.  “Yes Miss, I do. They are really lovely and you do look so nice when you are wearing them – especially when you are dressed in the beige blouse and tan flared skirt.  I just love the way the wind sometimes catches that particular skirt when we are in the garden and makes it swirl out – just enough to give me a little glimpse of something naughty.” “Oh, so you try to see my knickers do you, you naughty boy.  Well, carry on looking” she laughed and picked up the brassiere and put it over her large soft titties.  “Fasten me, please Peter – and no coming round to the front…it is getting really late…so you will have to save any naughtiness for later.”

Very obediently I fastened her brassiere and then did the same to her suspender belt.  I waited while she put on her stockings and then I fastened the suspenders.  Next she put on those gorgeous, silky directoire knickers and matching petticoat.  Unfortunately by this time my cock was beginning to take an interest in the proceedings and was getting fairly stiff.  Miss E saw what was happening, laughed, bent down and kissed it and told it to behave.  We laughed and I reached out and ran my hand downwards over her petticoat until I touched the bulge of her still sensitive cunt. She gave a little shriek as she felt my fingers pressing against her through the silky material of her petticoat and knickers.  “No…No…we really haven’t got time…do it later…Oh, I know…yes, we’ve got to get you dressed….now…at once or we will be late…oh dear, you are it again.” I obliged by pressing my hand right between her thighs.  “Umm, no!  No! That wasn’t a very good idea…you will upset me again and then I will be wriggling all evening…here, let’s get you dressed.” she said again and went over to the chest of drawers and took out a pair of silky directoire knickers that exactly matched those she was wearing, only in a smaller size.  Next she picked out a brassiere, suspender belt, stockings and a petticoat and placed them on the bed. “We are in danger of not being ready in time, so you get dressed Peter dear, while I attend to my make-up,” she paused, smiled and added, “I would like you to wear that pretty pale green skirt today if you don’t mind, because it will go so well with your cream underwear - and yes, put on that beige light-weight jumper….you will look very nice – and I feel sure it will please Emily,” she added with a smile, referring to Miss Allsop.

I duly put on the brassiere, which Miss E then fastened for me and followed that with the suspender belt and stockings.  My cock was fairly stiff again by this time and when I slowly pulled on those gorgeous, silky directoire knickers it was making quite a bulge through the soft material.  The feel of the elastic around my thighs didn’t exactly help matters either.  I wore directoire knickers almost every day because that is how Miss E wanted me to dress and because I loved wearing them.  But each time I got dressed the feel of that elastic gently tugging at my thighs gave me a hard cock almost (but not quite!) faster than anything else – excluding my mistress of course!  I slipped the petticoat over my head and smoothed it down. “Peter!”  I heard Miss E suddenly exclaim, “Peter!  Really!  You’ve got a hard cock again – how do you do it – and, more to the point, it’s a shame we haven’t the time to make use of it!?” “How do I do it?  I don’t really know Miss.  It just happens – well, it doesn’t just happen really, it’s when I put on these lovely silky knickers.” “Hmmmmm, well I must say that it does look very inviting.  And seeing that big bulge through your petticoat is making me feel quite interested.”  She paused,   “No!  I mustn’t start thinking along those lines – we must finish dressing - try and make it go soft, because if you go down stairs and they see you like that, heaven only knows what Emily might do – or Elizabeth either, come to that.  They will probably sit with their knees wide apart inviting you to look right up their skirts and then throw you to the floor, pull up your skirt and have their evil ways with you – and all whilst I am serving tea!”

We both burst out laughing at the very thought although we knew that Miss Allsop would sit there, sooner or later, with her knees slightly apart and that I would be able to get a little glimpse of her silky directoire knickers.  Obviously I didn’t mind but, more to the point, neither did Miss E.  We were all friends and it was all harmless good fun.

I put on the green skirt, fawn jumper and beige court shoes, and Miss E, now fully dressed, finished attending to her hair.  We then went downstairs to prepare for her friends’ visit – well, we managed to get halfway down the stairs when Miss E, who was leading, suddenly turned and put her hand right up my skirt and petticoat and began playing with my cock and balls through my knickers.  In return, my hands went out and I began to feel her superb titties.

“Oh Peter,” she said, “What is the matter with us?  We have already made love two or three times today and I still want more….I think you are turning me into one of those ladies who can’t live without sex – ‘nymphomaniac’ I think is the word used to describe them.”

Before I could reply the door bell rang.  We both jumped like two small children found raiding the larder and then laughed at our reaction.  Composure restored, we turned, kissed and went downstairs.  Miss E went to open the door to her friends, whilst I made my way to the kitchen to check that we had placed everything on the trolley that would be required for an evening snack.  Just before I moved the trolley, I paused, lifted my skirt slightly and adjusted the leg elastic of my knickers.

“That is a very lady-like thing to do” said a voice from the doorway.  I jumped slightly and turned around to find a smiling Mrs Greene watching me.  “Oooh!” I said turning slightly pink.  “I didn’t know you were there.”

“Oh don’t worry about it Peter, it is something we ladies do many times during the course of the day.”  As she spoke, Mrs Greene came over to me and placed her hand on my bottom and gave me a gentle pat.  “You are wearing a very nice skirt,” she said, “Did Brenda choose it for you?”

“Yes Miss, a few days ago when we went shopping in Shalford.”

“Well, as I said, it is very nice and it suits you.  It feels extremely soft and lovely to the touch…tell me, are you wearing very silky underwear as well?”

Before I could answer Miss E came into the room.  “Oh there you are” she exclaimed, looking at Mrs Greene, “I thought you had got lost!”

“No, no, dear, I was feeling a little warm and came down to the kitchen for a glass of water.  Peter was here, so naturally we had a little chat - I’ll come through in a few minutes.”

“Very good dear, Peter will be pleased to get a glass of water for you, won’t you dear?” she said turning her head in my direction. “Yes Miss.”

Miss E turned and left the kitchen and went out to the drawing room to re-join Miss Allsop.

I took a tumbler from the glass fronted cupboard, filled it with water and passed it to Mrs. Greene.  “Thank you Peter, it is really warm today and the walk up the hill has made me quite thirsty.”  She slowly sipped about half the water and handed the glass back to me. “Thank you Miss,” I said as I took the glass from her hand and placed it on the draining board.  She then opened her handbag, took out a dainty floral handkerchief and lightly dabbed her lips, taking great care not to smudge the small amount of lipstick she was wearing.  “We’ll see you in a few minutes Peter,” she said and started to walk away.  As she did so she dropped the handkerchief.  “Oh bother!” she exclaimed and bent down to retrieve it.  I moved forward to pick it up for her.  “No, no” she said, “I’ll pick it up; it was very clumsy of me to drop it.”

It is usual, or so I thought, for a lady to bend her knees when reaching for something on the floor.  Mrs Greene didn’t.  She kept her legs straight, parted them slightly and bent over from her waist.  This made her skirt fall to the front and lift up at the back and I was treated to a most fantastic and totally unexpected view of wonderful, pale blue directoire knickers all the way from those gorgeous little puckers of elastic around her plump thighs right up to the silky knicker-gusset stretching across the distinct bulge of her cunt.  My cock began to rise up and I could feel it starting to press against my own knickers.  I also became aware that I was breathing a little faster than normal.  I was being treated to a lovely sight and I thought that if I looked much longer my cock would rise right up and probably explode!

Within a few brief seconds Mrs Greene retrieved her handkerchief and straightened up.  She turned her head towards me, smiled and then went through the door.  “Don’t be too long,” she said as she disappeared to join the others.  As I returned to the tea trolley I couldn’t help wondering what her reaction would have been if I had reached out and ran my hands over the plump cheeks of her rounded bottom and then let my hands glide over the silkiness of her knickers right down to those little puckers of elastic around her thighs and up again to that tight inviting gusset.  I shook myself mentally, drew in my breath and tried to concentrate on preparing the trolley.  From along the corridor I heard the sound of much laughter and guessed that they would now be on their second glass of sherry.

As I poured milk from the bottle into the china jug my mind took over and filled my head with thoughts that could only be described as extremely lewd.  I imagined myself kneeling on the floor between Mrs Greene and Miss Allsop as they sat back on one of the sofas with their legs wide open, letting me slide my hands up under their skirts and petticoats and over their silky directoire knickers.  I could see myself going right up their skirts until I was touching and feeling their swollen cunts through the tightly stretched damp gussets of their knickers.  I could just hear them sighing softly with pleasure as I gently stroked their hardening clitties through the filmy material between their warm thighs. I even imagined Miss E lifting up my skirt and petticoat then pulling up her own clothes and sitting astride me as though I was a horse.  I could imagine her wet, open cunt rubbing against me until her love juice was soaking through our knickers and making me wet.  My mind then went into a sort of overdrive and I could hear Miss E’s voice ordering me to play with her friends.  “Oh yes that’s right, Peter, play with their cunts…make them really wet and slippery…put your hands inside their knickers and feel them properly – get your fingers right up inside them…go on, take their knickers down and then you can lick and suck them, just like you do to me”   My mind was a riot of obscene thoughts.  I saw myself taking their knickers right off and then licking and sucking their cunts just as Miss E ordered.  I heard her tell me to put my hard cock right up inside Miss Allsop’s swollen cunt and fuck her – and then to fuck Mrs Greene before they made me cum.  These thoughts had made my cock really hard and it was throbbing and threatening to cum off.

“Peter!  Peter!”  Miss E’s voice cut through my reverie like a knife through butter and brought me down to earth with a jolt.  “Peter, are you alright dear?” she asked.  She was holding a glass of sherry in her hand.  “Here, have a sip of this,” she said passing the glass to me.  “I was wondering where you had got to; by the way, there is a glass of sherry waiting for you in the drawing room,” she added. “Thank you Miss,” I said, taking rather a large sip.  “I’m fine – I was lost in thought again, that’s all.”

“Well, I trust all these thoughts are pleasant ones,” she replied with a smile and leaned forward and kissed me.  I gave her a smile but said nothing and reached for the handle of the trolley and started to push it towards the door.  As I passed by Miss E, I reached out and ran my hand down over the curve of her shapely bottom and gave her a little pat.  She gave a little shudder of pleasure and pushed her bottom out further for more.  I obliged with pleasure and followed it with a kiss to the side of her neck which made her smile and then we went along the corridor leading towards the drawing room and to the French windows. As I pushed the trolley out through the French windows onto the patio in my mind I apologised to Miss E for my obscene thoughts of a few minutes ago.  In a way I felt as though I had been unfaithful to her and that did upset me. 

Before I turned to go back into the house, I paused and looked across the garden.  What a beautiful place to be.  The sun was still shining, birds were flying and diving between the trees and shrubs and countless late working bees were gathering pollen from the colourful plants in the surrounding flower beds.  Tiny insects buzzed this way and that.  I smiled simply because everything looked so wonderful and made me feel fantastically happy. Still smiling, I turned and went inside the house to join the ladies and to enjoy my glass of sherry and, possibly, watch Miss Allsop cross or uncross her legs. I just knew it was going to be a lovely and happy summer’s evening.





Knickers Seduction - Part 4

(Peter and Brenda; further adventures with directoire knickers) 


It was early afternoon and I was standing in the wide hallway looking at the world outside through the glass of the big French windows.  It was a typical late November day.  Everywhere looked grey and cold with dark leaden clouds rolling slowly across the sky soaking everything with a continuous downpour of rain.  The garden that had looked so beautiful earlier in the year was now a drab sodden mess with leafless shrubs and trees drooping forlornly as they were battered by the stinging drops of rain.
Miss E’s house had been built on quite a steep hill above the village and normally afforded a delightful view across the sloping, slated rooftops of the houses below to the rising, wooded hills that formed the other side of the valley.  During the summer months Miss E and I, together with any visitors, would sit in deeply padded comfortable chairs at the large circular table on the patio the other side of these doors enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, or perhaps a glass of sherry if it was early evening, saying little but simply sitting back and enjoying the almost breathtaking view.  But not today!  Nor for the next four or five months in all probability!  I gave a little shudder, turned away and walked towards the door leading to the drawing-room with its welcoming log fire blazing away in the large open fireplace.  I passed through the doorway and found Miss E busy rearranging the photographs kept on the round polished table by the fireplace.

“Hullo dear,” she said looking up from her task, “as Amelia is visiting us today I thought I would change these photographs around and put the pictures showing the three of us at the front.”

I walked over, kissed her and ran my hand downwards over the curve of her bottom; I could feel the shape of one of her suspenders through the soft skirt she was wearing.

“Now, now Peter dear, please don’t get me started because Amelia should be here at any moment and I would quite like to be composed and unflustered when she arrives!”  She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and patted my bottom.  “You do look very nice,” she added and stood back and looked again.  “Hmmmm, very nice indeed.  What are you wearing under your skirt?  I hope you did put on the cream underwear as I thought it would look so nice with this skirt and jumper.”  And smiling, she lifted my skirt just enough to be able to see my petticoat and silky directoire knickers.  “Ummmm, excellent.  That shade of cream goes so well with this skirt.”  She gave me another kiss and went back to arranging the photographs.

Mrs Amelia Butcher, who I always referred to as Miss Amelia, and Miss E have been firm friends for many years.  I think they may even have been together at Boarding School but I’m not too sure about that.  However, they are great friends and it is many, many months since Miss Amelia was last here.  That was an unforgettably memorable occasion when circumstances took control over sensibility and the three of us ended up with practically no clothes on and me giving Miss Amelia, to put it crudely, a good hard fucking.  Shortly afterwards she had to go to India to organise a charity for something or other and this will be her first visit to Miss E since her return to England.  I couldn’t help wondering if working abroad had changed her liberal attitudes in any way.  I was starting to feel a little nervous because it is somewhat unusual, to say the least, for an eighteen year old youth to be a maid and companion to a forty two year old upper-class lady who expected him to wear feminine dress most of the time.  Before she left for India Miss Amelia had accepted the situation without turning a hair but that was quite a while ago and she might have changed in some way.

It was almost as though Miss E was able to read my thoughts because she came over to me and placed an arm around my shoulders.  “I wouldn’t worry, Peter dear, Amelia won’t have changed in any way and she will still be quite happy with the situation as it exists, you mark my words.”  I turned and kissed her and as I did so the doorbell sounded.  “Go and answer the door please Peter, and don’t look so worried, it will be quite alright!”


Feeling somewhat reassured but still a little apprehensive, I made my way out of the drawing-room and along the hallway to the heavy oak front door and opened it.  Miss Amelia stepped through the doorway, paused, looked at me from head to toe and then kissed me right on my mouth.  “Oh Peter,” she said with a gorgeous smile, “you look superb and that skirt and jumper really suits you…I have really missed seeing you both,”  she added as she stepped forward to allow me to close the door.  She removed her coat and handed it to me.  As I took it she turned and almost whispered “You haven’t forgotten what happened the last time I was here, have you?”  In spite of myself I felt my cock stir as she uttered the words.  Greatly daring I reached out and touched her bottom.  “No Miss, we haven’t – we think it was wonderful.”  As I took my hand away she caught hold of it and gave it a little squeeze.  “It was wonderful and it changed my life,” she said with a gentle smile.  Suddenly it felt as though she had never been away.

“Miss E is in the drawing-room Miss,” I said.  “I’ll join you after I’ve put your coat away,” I added.  I have always used the term ‘Miss’ when directly addressing Miss E’s lady friends irrespective of their actual title.  They use my name ‘Peter’ and that has never been a problem; we all get along very well together.


On the occasion of Miss Amelia’s last visit I had been wearing silky pink panties that Miss E had bought for me under a pair of trousers belonging to her niece Angela.  I was dressed in those clothes because we weren’t at all sure just how Miss Amelia would react if she saw me wearing a skirt and stockings.  By the end of that momentous day however things had changed completely.  I was wearing a skirt, stockings and lovely silky directoire knickers, and she, after a quick bath, was dressed in Miss E’s freshly laundered underwear.  She was also wearing a sanitary towel to absorb all that lovely cum I had spurted into her cunt during our earlier fantastic fuck.  We had decided that wearing a towel was the only way of keeping her dry during the village hall committee meeting she was due to chair that evening.  It is quite amazing how events change perceptions and, indeed, the lives of people.


After attending to my household chores this morning I had gone upstairs and taken off my maids’ uniform that Miss E expected, well, insisted really, that I wore mostly during the mornings when attending to my chores.  These duties were in no way onerous and consisted of nearly everything from washing her knickers and other underwear – and mine, of course – to vacuuming the rooms.  I loved it.  My uniform was a white blouse, white pinafore, black skirt, slightly flared petticoat, light grey stockings, white suspender belt and today, silky white directoire knickers and a matching brassiere.  Sometimes I wore cream knickers and brassiere, but it had to be either white or cream.  Other colours, such as pale pink, mint, coffee, pale blue and so on were worn later on in the day after my duties had finished and we were able to relax.  Quite often Miss E would suggest which colour underwear to put on and it was one that usually matched whatever she was wearing at the time.  I loved getting dressed in all that silkiness and by the time I was putting on the knickers my cock was stiff, throbbing and threatening to cum off.  Miss E liked to watch me getting dressed as she enjoyed seeing the effect it had on me.  Very often of course, if time allowed, the knickers weren’t on until later because I ended up between her wide open legs thrusting my stiff cock in and out of her lovely wet cunt until she had enjoyed at least three gasping glorious climaxes.  She invariably ended up liberally covered by my thick pearly white cum – and she loved it.  We then without fail enjoyed a long tender cuddle with many soft loving kisses before we had yet another bath after which we did get completely dressed, including putting on our lovely silky directoire knickers!


This morning after my bath I was alone which was unusual.  Miss E was busy downstairs writing notes for her forthcoming Parish Council Meeting so I carefully picked out the clothes that Miss E had suggested I wear for the visit and began to dress.  Firstly I fastened a cream coloured soft, lacy suspender belt around my waist and then carefully put on tan coloured stockings, fastened the suspenders and put on a silky brassiere that matched the suspender belt.  My cock was now throbbing and sticking up as stiff as a ram-rod.  I grasped it and slowly pulled the foreskin right back to expose the shining purple knob.  I was tempted to rub it but stopped myself when I realised that I would cum off very quickly.  Then I would have to wash again and time would not allow me to do that.  Anyway making myself cum would be a form of cheating on Miss E.  Instead I picked up the soft, silky cream knickers put them over my feet and pulled them slowly upwards until the elastic in the legs was gripping my thighs two or three inches above my knees and the cool soft material was gliding over my exposed and very sensitive knob.  I shuddered with pure pleasure at the sensations coursing through me.  I then put on a pretty silky matching petticoat that had two rows of lace around the hem.  This was followed by a gingery-brown pleated skirt and a dark cream jumper with a vee-shaped neck.  I attended to my hair which I kept fairly long, put on the merest trace of lipstick, slipped my feet into a pair of brown court shoes with moderate height heels and went downstairs to find Miss E.  Before I went to the drawing room however I diverted my journey and spent a little time looking out across the village through the French windows in an attempt to regain my composure and take my thoughts away from my sensitive cock.  I thought that just looking at the ghastly weather might have the desired effect.  Getting dressed always had an effect on me but it was more pronounced today; probably because of Miss Amelia’s impending visit.


Thoughts!  How they sometimes have a habit of crowding into your mind at unexpected moments and in the process completely distract you from what you should be doing.  Here I am, standing in the hallway holding Miss Amelia’s coat lost in thoughts about bathing, enjoying intimate moments with Miss E, people’s titles, and getting myself dressed.  Perhaps it was all caused by the soft, intimate aroma of Miss Amelia’s subtle perfume.  Giving myself a mental shake, I walked over to the cloakroom, placed the coat on a hanger and then made my way to the drawing-room.  Inside the two ladies were chatting animatedly with a considerable amount of laughter.  As I walked in they paused and looked in my direction.  “Amelia says that you look very nice Peter and that it is a real pleasure to see you again.”

“I do indeed,” said Miss Amelia giving me a lovely smile.  Looking at them as they stood by the fireplace, I thought what highly attractive ladies they were.  And they were not dissimilar in many ways.  Both were above average height and slightly plump but not fat by any stretch of the imagination.  They also had well rounded bottoms and ample bosoms and shared the ability to be beautifully dressed no matter what they were doing.  For example, Miss E always managed to look elegant even when working in the garden dressed in wellington boots and an old skirt and jumper.  I felt a huge surge of affection in my heart for both of them.

“What thoughts are passing through your mind at this moment Peter?” asked Miss E, with a quizzical look on her face.

“Nothing Miss,” I replied, “nothing at all….”

“Hmmmmm,” was the response to that.  “Oh, and Peter,” she added, “would you be kind enough to make a pot of tea for us all and bring in the sandwiches and cakes we prepared earlier?”

“Yes Miss, with pleasure,” I replied and made my way to the kitchen leaving them to chat to their hearts' content.


As I set about making the tea my thoughts began to wander again and I found myself wondering what colour knickers Miss Amelia might be wearing.  I knew that Miss E was wearing pale pink because I had set out her underwear for her to put on a little earlier.  I hoped that Miss Amelia still favoured silky directoire knickers and hadn’t changed to the more fashionable panties.  Well, considered by some ladies to be more fashionable, according to Miss E.  I would agree that in the right circumstances very soft white cotton panties would be cooler to wear than silk or silky-type directoire knickers but Miss E, and of course I, definitely preferred traditional directoire knickers.  My thoughts then wandered back to her last visit and I recalled her lying back in one of the deep armchairs with her legs wide open showing us her lovely cream knickers all the way up to her crotch.  I remembered just how the gusset of her knickers had stretched tightly across the bulge of her swollen cunt and how I had knelt down and licked it through the moist soft material.  My cock began to stiffen at the very picture my mind was conjuring up and I felt my knob beginning to press against the silkiness of my knickers.  Suddenly I was brought back to reality by the sound of the electric kettle clicking off.  Somewhat hurriedly I took off the top of the teapot and poured the boiling water onto the tea leaves inside and replaced the lid.  I gave myself yet another mental shake and told myself that getting lost in thought had better stop as this was the second time it had happened in the past half an hour.  I smiled, promised myself that it wouldn’t happen again, stirred the tea, placed the cosy on the teapot, placed the teapot on the trolley with the sandwiches and cakes and wheeled it along the hallway to the drawing-room.
Miss E had already drawn the curtains across the windows and the room felt warm and cosy especially as the overhead lights hadn’t been switched on.  The logs in the hearth were burning quite merrily and bathing the ladies and everything else within reach in a rich yellow flickering glow.  It was most definitely the place to be on a cold miserable winter evening and I said so.  Both Miss E and Miss Amelia agreed but then Miss E pointed out with a smile that in the calendar sense it wasn’t really winter because that didn’t actually start until the twenty second of December.  So the weather outside, cold and unpleasant though it is really belongs to autumn!  We both bowed to her superior knowledge and I set about pouring the tea into the china tea cups.  A very pleasant hour passed whilst we enjoyed our tea and then I set about clearing up.  As Miss Amelia was passing her plate to me a half consumed cake slipped off and fell to the floor.  She apologised saying that she had been rather clumsy.  Miss E said that it was of no importance and that the crumbs could be removed from the carpet within seconds.  I lifted up my skirt slightly and knelt down to brush up the crumbs with a serviette.  As I gathered the little bits and pieces of cake together Miss Amelia leaned forward to watch.  As she did so her knees parted slightly and my heart skipped a beat because, being at eye level with her knees, I caught a little glimpse of silky looking directoire knickers.  Not much, just a few of those little puckers of material that the leg-elastic makes where it grips your thigh.  My heart started to beat faster and I felt my cock stir.  I felt my face going red so I quickly looked away and concentrated on picking up the cake crumbs.
Miss E got up from her seat and came over and stood beside me.  Miss Amelia leaned back slightly and quite deliberately parted her knees just enough for me to see up her skirt and petticoat as far as her stocking tops.  My cock started to stiffen and throb.  “Peter,” said Miss E in soft voice, “why don’t you put your hand up Amelia’s dress and touch her knickers – you know that you would like to do so.”  I looked up at Miss E who smiled down at me and nodded her head in an approving manner.  Not saying a word I slowly put a hand under the hem of her friend’s skirt and touched those exciting little puckers of leg-elastic and traced them around her thighs.  She gave little shudders of pleasure as she felt my fingers against her.  I lifted her skirt and petticoat up higher and could see that she was wearing lovely mint coloured underwear.  I moved my hands up further until I could feel the outline of her stocking tops and the clasps of her suspenders.  I thought I was going to cum off at that very moment but I managed to stop myself.  Miss E spoke again and I noticed that one of her hands was pressing her skirt against her top of her slit.  “Peter, why don’t you put your hand right up Amelia’s skirt and touch her….you know, between her legs…you’ve done it before, so why not do it again?”

“Yes, you have done it before and I adored it…please do it again,” said Miss Amelia in a very husky voice.  “Touch me, Peter, like you did before, feel all of me – everywhere…feel my breasts and my…my cunt…I haven’t had sex with anyone since that day you put your very stiff cock inside me and made me cum and cum…oh, how I loved it…and I’ve relived it time and time again…”

Without saying a word I slid my hands over her pretty, soft knickers until I could feel the little triangle of hairs around the top of her slit and then I felt between her thighs and started to touch her cunt by pushing the very wet gusset of her knickers right into her open slit.  By this time my cock was making a huge bulge through the skirt I was wearing.  I looked up at Miss E’s and noticed that her hand was moving slightly against her own cunt.  “Is it nice feeling between Amelia’s legs Peter…is her clitty nice and hard…can you feel it through her knickers?” she asked.

“Yes I can and it feels very large indeed,”  I replied. “And I would love to put my tongue on it and lick and suck it,”  I added.

“And your cock look very large as well,” replied Miss E.  “Here, let me take your skirt and jumper off,” she said and quickly unzipped my skirt and slid it down to my knees.  I stood up and stepped out of it and let her take my jumper off as well.  As I stood there Miss Amelia leaned forward and ran her hands up under my petticoat and over my knickers and started feeling my cock and along the crease of my bottom.  “Please take his petticoat off, Brenda,” she said, looking at Miss E. “I want to see his gorgeous cock once again.”

My petticoat joined my other clothes on a chair and Miss E pulled my knickers down so that I could step out of them.  My prick was sticking up as stiff and throbbing as could be.  Both ladies gave a little moan of pleasure when they saw it and then Miss Amelia grasped it with her hand and gently squeezed it.  Miss E ran her fingers over my balls and then caressed my erect nipples.  That did make a few drops of spunk come out and run down my very swollen knob. Miss Amelia watched them for a second or so and then leaned forward again and put my knob into her mouth and started to tease it with her tongue.  Soon she had almost the entire length of my seven inch cock in her mouth and was sucking it as hard as she could.  I was on reaching the point of no return! “No..No…Miss…No!...Please’ll make me cum if you don’t stop…please…”  I almost gasped the words out and drew back from her with my cock just on the brink of spurting cum all over her face.  Miss E recognised the signs and gave a little laugh.  “That was close wasn’t it Peter?”

“Yes Miss, very, very close!”  Miss Amelia was looking a trifle hurt that I should have taken my cock away from her.  “I’m sorry Miss.  But your tongue was being far too persuasive,” I said and that made her smile.  I looked at her and said “I think you have too many clothes on Miss.  Perhaps we should remove some of them – well, probably nearly all of them actually!”

“I agree!” said Miss E.  By this time she had removed most of her own clothes and was standing there with her large soft tits just begging to be touched.  The sight of her erect nipples was just too much to resist and I turned and licked and sucked first one and then the other.  Miss E shuddered with pleasure.

Miss Amelia watched and then said with a smile “Leave her titties alone Peter, you are supposed to be attending to me…”  She paused and then added, “and which items of clothing do you think should be removed?”  Her question was accompanied by a most mischievous look.

“Well, Miss, your skirt and top for a start,” I replied.

 “And your petticoat, brassiere and pretty knickers most definitely should follow,” said Miss E.

“Like Peter almost did, you mean,”  Miss Amelia said with a wide smile and Miss E laughed at the joke.  “Go on then, undress me,” she added with another mischievous look.  I took hold of her hands and gently helped her up from the sofa.

“Alright marm, I will act as your temporary maid and undress you,”  I said with a smile.

“Yes, but remember your employment in that capacity is strictly of a temporary nature!” said Miss E with a laugh.

“Yes Miss, I will bear that very much in mind,”  I replied and started to slowly unfasten the buttons of Miss Amelia’s blouse.  Whilst I was thus happily engaged, Miss E unzipped her friend’s skirt and helped her step out of it.  Soon skirt and blouse had joined the other clothes on the chair.  Next I removed her very pretty petticoat and Miss E unfastened the brassiere and then Miss Amelia was standing before us dressed only in her court shoes, tan stockings, suspenders and lovely, pale mint, silky directoire knickers.  My cock was threatening to explode but I cast the thought to one side and began gently squeezing and ‘milking’ her large erect nipples.  They felt wonderful and she was moaning and sighing with pleasure.  Miss E had slipped her friend’s knickers off and my hand slid down her body, over her suspender belt, and down to her little triangle of cunt hairs and then I was gently rubbing her hard slippery clitty.  I felt deep along her wide open slit and put a finger right up inside her and found her magic spot and started to rub it.  She was shivering with pleasure.  “Quick, Peter, Quick. Put your cock inside and fuck me…NOW!”  She almost shouted the last word.  Within seconds we were on the floor and my cock was thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt.  I have no idea just how many times she climaxed before my spunk was spurting deep inside her; I do remember hearing my voice shouting out that I was going to cum off and that I was going to fill her cunt with thick spunk and I was vaguely aware that Miss E’s hand was between my thighs feeling and squeezing my very slippery balls.  I then heard Miss Amelia’s voice shaking with emotion asking me to stop because she would probably faint if she had yet another climax.  Slowly, very slowly I withdrew my still fairly stiff cock and saw its entire length was glistening with an exciting mixture of Mrs Butcher’s love juice and my own spunk.  It felt very, very slippery.  Slowly I moved slightly away from Miss Amelia and turned over onto my back still holding my cock.

“Ooooh, that was wonderful, wonderful, Peter,” said Miss E, dropping onto her knees beside me.  “And just look at your cock - it’s still quite big and stiff isn’t?  Miss E added, in quite a low sexy voice.  “Is it still stiff enough to go inside me?  She asked and started to rub it very gently.  Her touch was enough to make it stiffen quite a lot.  “Ooooh, he does look very inviting,” she said and bent over and touched the tip with her tongue.  Then she put my entire knob in her mouth and started to tease it with her tongue.  That brought it make to life with a vengeance!  “Hold it for me please,” she said, and knelt astride me.  Miss Amelia got hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of Miss E’s very wet cunt.

She gave a long shuddering moan of pure pleasure as she felt it go inside and then pressed herself right down on it until my balls were pressing against her bum hole and she had seven inches of rigid cock right up inside her.  I heard Miss Amelia give a murmur of appreciation as she watched it go in.

“Ooooh my God, this is wonderful,” gasped Miss E as she began riding my cock.  “Oh Peter, play with my tits…play with my tits…milk me…”  I reached up and grasped her large soft tits and started milking her.  “Harder…harder…really squeeze them…MILK ME AND FUCK ME…more…more…MORE…MAKE ME CUM” she literally shouted at me.  I pulled her close and we rolled over so I was on top of her and then I began plunging my prick in and out of her cunt as fast and hard as I could.  She was gasping and sobbing.  Miss Amelia pushed a hand between Miss E and me and started rubbing Miss E’s hard clit.  My cock was exploding and so was Miss E’s cunt; we came off together in a fantastic harmonious climax that took us out of this world.  I didn’t think I could cum again so quickly after fucking Miss Amelia but I was wrong and I felt spunk spurting into Miss E’s cunt.  I did hear Miss E shouting out that she was cumming as well and telling me to fuck her really hard.  “Ooooooh Peter, Oh, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…fill me with spunk…feel my tits Amelia…pull them...Ooooooh…I’m cumming….put it all inside me...Fill me… now…now….NOW..NOW...OOOH!  She had her legs wrapped around me pulling my stiff cock deep inside her; my balls and thighs were wet and slippery again and somehow I managed to keep thrusting, thrusting and thrusting my cock into her until she relaxed her grip on me.  “Oh Peter,” she gasped,  I think we should stop now before Amelia and I damage you in some way!”  She paused to regain her breath and added “That was truly wonderful and even though you’ve just thoroughly fucked Amelia, you still managed to make me cum off three or four times,” she added with a smile. 

“Yes, he did give me a very good time,” Amelia said with a pleased smile, “I just don’t understand how he has the stamina to satisfy two demanding women in such a manner.”

Miss E laughed and said, “Oh, it the special diet I give him, that’s the secret!” She slowly rose to her feet and walked across the room.  “I think we should now enjoy a large glass of sherry - or two, perhaps even more - and then go upstairs and bath.”  She gathered up a bottle and three glasses and then paused.  “Oh, I am so very wet,” she said.  “I can feel it running down my legs to the tops of my stockings.  Peter, just how do you manage to produce so much cum?”

“It’s like you said Miss, it’s that special high vitamin food you make me eat!” 

“Well, in that case if Amelia is going to visit us quite often, I will have to make sure that you don’t ever leave anything on your plate, won't I".  That made all of us laugh.  Miss E looked at the fire and then at us.  “It’s lovely and warm in this room and I, for one, don’t feel any great desire to get dressed at the moment because I rather like seeing us all as we are.  But, as I’ve just said, I do feel a trifle damp so Peter, would you be a real dear and get two or three towels from the cloakroom for us to sit on and then we will be able to enjoy the sherry in comfort, thank you dear.”

I returned with towels and they were carefully arranged on the sofa and one of the chairs near to the fire.  I waited for the two ladies to choose where they wished to sit, which was on the deep comfortable sofa, so I opted to sit not in a chair but on a low large leather footstool by their feet.  It didn’t strike me when I sat down but my choice and the positioning was extremely apt really; I was without any doubt their servant and, to be honest, I quite liked the idea.  I also thought that many people, including their friends would consider it rather strange that two well spoken, influential middle class ladies should sit quite naked in the company of a equally naked youth talking and sipping sherry whilst enjoying the warmth of large log fire.  We didn’t find it at all strange; it seemed quite a natural thing to do, given our extremely intimate relationship. 

As she picked up her glass of sherry Miss Amelia glanced at the clock on the large mantelpiece.  “Goodness,” she said in a rather surprised voice, “I had no idea it was so late.  I will have to go quite soon.”  Outside the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we could hear the wind howling around the house rain hitting against the window panes. 

“Nonsense!” said Miss E. “You must stay here…just listen to the weather, it sounds absolutely foul and I won’t allow you to go home in such conditions.  You don’t have to worry about a change of clothes as we are of similar size so you may choose anything you wish to wear.  Peter will provide you with a nightdress and housecoat; and, as you know, there are five bedrooms and three bathrooms in this house so why shouldn’t you stay?”

“And apart from all that,” I said, “it is so nice being in this room as we are it would spoil it if you went home – no, you must stay because we really want you to – just to be with us.”

“Hear hear,” said Miss E, and I was rewarded for my little speech by a lovely kiss from each of the ladies.

“Well, thank you,” said Miss Amelia putting a hand on my shoulder, “I will be delighted to stay…it would be churlish not to.”

“Excellent,” said Miss E. “Have some more sherry and then we will organise a little snack of some description.”

As she was speaking I turned my head and closed my lips over one of her nipples and received a pretend smack in return.  “No, Peter, that is not the sort of snack I had in mind!”  She paused for a brief moment and then added “but it did feel rather nice though…” and held her breast to my mouth to receive another kiss.

Miss Amelia watched for a moment and the lifted one of her breasts to my mouth.  “Don’t forget me Peter dear, I have very sensitive titties as well!”  I closed my lips around her large nipple and felt my cock begin to stir as I gently sucked it.

“If you move close together so that your titties are touching, I might be able to lick and suck them both at the same time,” I said.

“Hmmmm,  that sounds interesting,” said Miss Amelia and moved close to Miss E in such a way that their tits were touching.  I placed their nipples together and started to lick and suck them.  Soon I started to hear little sighs coming from both ladies so I put my hands between their thighs and started to feel their cunts as well.

“Oh no, Peter, Oh no!...I can see where this will be going – I think you’d better stop for the time being and we will go and prepare something to eat – you naughty boy!” said Miss E and both she and Miss Amelia burst into laughter.  More kisses and then we made our way, still without clothes, along the hallway to the kitchen and pantry.  On the way I wondered just where Miss Amelia would be sleeping tonight.  Certainly the house had several bedrooms, but Miss E also had an extremely large bed in her room in addition to an en-suite bathroom – hmmmmmm………




Knickers Seduction - Part 5

( Peter and Amelia: a further adventure in directoire knickers)


         I was working in the garden one summer afternoon, when I heard the telephone ring.  A little later Miss E. called me, sounding rather agitated.  I went into the lounge, and she was sitting by the telephone, looking a bit flustered. 

"Peter, I am sorry, but I must go away for a few days.  One of my oldest friends is very ill , and has asked if I would go and stay with her.  Of course I must go, but I will have to catch a train almost immediately.  I have rung Miss A. however, and she will take you to her house and look after you until I return.  Hopefully I shan't be away for more than a few days, but I will ring Amelia when I know for certain.  If you pack a case with your clothes and anything else you need, she will be here in about half an hour.  I'm so sorry," she said with a knowing smile, "but Miss A will look after you very well, I'm certain.  Don't let her tire you out, but please look after her as well, she is quite a fan of yours.  You know what I mean."


        Miss E. went upstairs and in about ten minutes was down again with a case.  She gave me a hug and a long kiss, went to the car and drove off.  I was quite taken aback, and then decided I would treat it as a holiday.  I went to my room, and took out the things I would like to wear.  I decided that I could wear the same things that Miss E. liked as it seemed Miss A. had the same tastes, so I packed petticoats, nighties, panties, knickers , and some tops.  I decided not to wear a suspender belt, but put on stockings held up by some soft garters which Miss A. had bought me as a present, as well as packing my toiletries.  At the moment I was wearing stockings in slim trousers and of course, directoire knickers (blue ones), with a soft blouse.  I was quite pleased to think that Miss A. and I would be together for several days.  The last time we had been together with Miss E. we had all had a wonderful time, and Miss A. had taken a greater part in our love-making together than anybody had expected.  Her shyness had mostly disappeared as we grew more to know and trust each other. 


        Miss A. lived about eight miles the other side of the valley and arrived after about twenty minutes, and rang the bell.  I opened the door to her, inviting her in. 

"Good afternoon, Peter", she said.  "I believe you are going to stay with me for a little while?  I see you are nicely dressed.  You look lovely in those things.  I'm quite looking forward to you staying in my house."  She came and kissed me and gave my hand a squeeze, and then we went to her car.  I locked the front door, and followed Miss A. with my case.  She had a small saloon car, so I put my case in the back.


        She was dressed in a thin cotton housecoat which came down to well below her knees.  I sat beside her and saw she had undone the bottom buttons of the coat and her knees were showing as she started the car. 

Seeing me look, she said, "This housecoat is too tight for driving in, so I have to undo the bottom buttons.  I had to come here quickly, so just threw this on.  I had just come out of the bath, so didn't dress up."  
I could smell nice perfume in the car and said,  "I like your perfume, Miss A."  

She replied, "I think you can call me Amelia while you are staying at my house, and I am pleased you like my perfume."


        I could just see the edge of her knickers peeping out from her housecoat which slid back on her legs as she drove along.  Miss A. noticed me looking, and said, "I've put on directoire knickers as I know you like them."  She pulled her coat back further up her thighs, revealing her silk clad legs and beautiful light green silk knickers coming halfway down her thighs.  

I said, "Your legs are beautiful, and they look lovely in your knickers, Miss A.  May I stroke them?”

She smiled and said, "I shall be cross with you if you keep calling me Miss A, and yes, you can, providing you don't upset my driving.  You know I like the way you stroke me but I've heard from Brenda what you do in the car!  I'm so grateful for everything Brenda and you have done for me.  I feel quite liberated these days.  I keep thinking of what we have done together, and keep wanting it to happen again.  I have to catch up on all that I have missed over the years.”


        I took that as an invitation so I turned partly towards her and put my left hand over her leg, gently stroking it from her knee up to the cuff of her knickers and back again.  After stroking it for a few moments, I slid my hand  up her thigh, feeling the smooth warmth of her stockings under my fingers.  Carefully I slid my hand up her thigh, pressing the material against her and stroking her between her thighs until I felt the leg of her knickers, and under it, to my surprise, the outline of a garter.  I could feel her hot curves under my hand as I rubbed  the gusset of her silky knickers, and I felt them becoming wet as I fondled her. 

Miss A. said, "Now Peter, you mustn't excite me too much so be careful.  I don't want to have an accident, and it would be very difficult to explain!"    So I took my hand away and just gently stroked her legs. 

I said, "I didn't know you wore garters.  I like them, because I think a belt is too fiddly, but garters can cut into your legs.  Your legs have a  beautiful shape, they are so smooth in your stockings, and just nicely proportioned, not too thin.  I love to stroke them.  I am wearing the garters you gave me." 

Miss A. replied,  "I like garters too.  I'm glad you are wearing the ones I bought you.  A suspender belt is alright but it has its disadvantages," and stroked my leg in return.


        I reached over again, and slipping a hand under the hem of her housecoat I was able to stroke and squeeze her breasts, which were warm and firm under their covering.  Her petticoat was smooth and slippery so I was able to gently caress them.  As I did so  they became quite tight against her coat, and she said, "That is lovely, Peter, it makes me really want you.  Just keep on doing that until we  get home.  You make my breasts feel so nice.”   As I continued, Miss A. began breathing more quickly and deeply. 

She said, "Peter, I think you'd better stop, or I'll get too excited to drive properly.  My thighs are getting quite hot and wet again with all this caressing.”


        Soon we were at her house and she stopped the car near the garage.  As soon as Miss A. turned to me I put an arm round the back of her seat and, pulling her to me, I kissed her face and lips.  She kissed me back and we stayed kissing and cuddling for several moments, then she drew away, saying, "We can do more of that later on, Peter.  We will have plenty of time.  We will have a nice time together.  Brenda is a good friend to me but it will be nice to have you to myself.”


        Miss A., (I can't stop calling her that) , put the car away, and we went into her house.  It was the first time I had been there. 

Miss A. said, "Put your case in the hall, and I will get us some tea.  Come into the lounge."  I did as I was told, and we entered a large warm room, furnished comfortably with easy chairs, a sofa and several tables.  I sat down, and Miss A. went out and in a few minutes was back with some tea and toast.  After we had eaten, Miss A. said, "I have some dinner ready for about an hour's time.  I will show you your room.  It's next door to mine and you should like it."  Climbing the stairs, she passed two doors, and went into a cosy bedroom, saying, "Here you are.  Put your case down and I will show you my room."    


        Her room was quite large and luxurious with a big bed, deep carpets and a very grand dressing table as well as bedroom chairs and two imposing wardrobes.  She said, "Now that Brenda is away, you can be my personal maid until she returns.  You must keep in practice.  Would you like that?"  She looked at me, smiled and murmured, "Of course you would have to be paid.  You can claim the usual perks, the same as Brenda gives you, and I would be willing to pay the same or even more!   What do you say?"


        I was thrilled to think that I would be able to act as her maid and said, "I would like it very much.  You would be beautiful to dress as you have a superb figure and I would love to help you with your things.  I am sure the pay will be very well worthwhile, Miss A."  Miss A. pretended to be cross and said, "Peter, I shall have to spank you if you keep calling me Miss A. 

I said,  "If I am your maid I will have to call you that, but you can spank me if you want to as long as I can spank you as well." 

That made her blush as she said,  "My clothes are in the drawers in the wardrobe over there.  You can start your duties by finding me some pink directoire knickers.  Your caresses were such that this pair need replacing!  Find me a matching lace brassiere, and some dark stockings as well.  You will find garters in the lower drawer."  While I was doing that she was getting a long dress from the other wardrobe.  Her wardrobe had drawers filled with underwear, and it was great to feel among it and exciting to imagine her in the such beautiful underwear.  I could feel my interest rising, so to speak, as I rummaged through her lovely undies!  


        Miss A. went out of the room, and returned a few minutes later, having presumably freshened up her make-up.  "Now you can come and undress me.  You won't need to do very much!"  She stood by the bed where I had placed her underwear and I went to her and unbuttoned her housecoat, putting it on a chair.  I took the straps of her petticoat from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.  I was amazed to see she had taken her bra and knickers off, leaving only her dark stockings.  She was standing with her legs slightly apart so her cunt lips looked enormous below her light coloured bush.  "You made me so wet with your caresses that I had to change and dry myself," she said.  I could feel my prick rising strongly and sticking forward in my knickers as I gazed at her. 

I gasped,  "You look gorgeous, your thighs are so wonderful and as for your tits..!"  Amelia blushed as she whispered, "I like to hear you call my breasts ... like you do.  It makes me really long for you to do things to me". 


        She kissed me passionately on the lips and pulled herself close to me and I could feel her hot stomach and cunt lips pressed up to me.  "Do you like tits as much as you did last time, Peter?  I keep remembering what we all three did together.  It was so exciting," she said.  Her perfume was lovely, and her warm body was exciting me so that my penis became rigid and throbbing as it pressed against her stomach.  Kicking my shoes off, I undid my belt, and quickly slid out of my trousers.  I put my arms down to her bottom, clasping her to me, and I said, "You have beautiful tits and your husband didn't appreciate you.  They are lovely shapely tits  and are so firm, and your nipples are gorgeous, so big and so exciting.  Your bottom is a lovely shape as well, and I love to squeeze you to me, and feel your wonderful cheeks."  Miss A. said, "I love to hear you say that.  My husband took very little interest in me or the way I looked.  I wanted to be loved and stroked like you do to me, Peter.  I love it all so much.  Just to think of it makes me want to be really loved."


        I sat alongside her on the bed, and started stroking and squeezing her breasts again.  "I will love you as much as you want me to.  You are so lovely.  Your nipples are so stiff and fascinating.  I'm going to kiss and suck them for you, until you tell me to stop." 

I gently laid her back on the bed, bent over her and started kissing and sucking each nipple in turn, at the same time stroking and  cupping her breasts, letting them slide smoothly through my fingers.  The feeling of her nipples in my mouth was really exciting as I rolled my tongue round them.  Her breasts were not as big as Miss E's but more rounded, and stood up strongly when they were squeezed and stroked.  "Is that nice, Miss Amelia, can you feel me loving your tits, your beautiful round tits?" I said. 

She moaned as her body responded to my caresses, "That is wonderful, Peter, you are making them really hot and strong.  I love it, darling Peter, and I love you to talk about it.  Do it more and more.  It's lovely to think you will be here tomorrow as well.” 


        "Your nipples and tits are beautiful, and deserve to be kissed and sucked every night and every morning." 

"If you want to do that, Peter,  you will have to be in my bed tonight, then you can kiss me all over whenever we want.  Would you like that?  We could both wear nice nighties and lovely knickers as well if you like.  I'll let you choose what you want me to wear, and I will find some things for you as well." 

The thought of being in her bed was wonderful and I was entranced by the thought of us both wearing her lovely silky undies.  I could only say, "Yes, yes, yes, you know that I would love to wear your undies, they are so beautiful.  I will caress you all over and stroke your lovely body, and kiss your beautiful breasts and your lovely hot vagina."


        Amelia looked up and said, "You look lovely in your  blue knickers, Peter.  Let me take your knickers off too." 

Without waiting for a reply, she sat up, leaned forwards and, kneeling down, pulled them to the floor by the waistband so I could step out of them.  My penis was standing up stiff and strong, and she pulled me close to her and put it into her mouth for a moment, then released it saying, "I won't make you nearly come this time, Peter, but it is really hot and stiff.  I love to feel your hot strong thing."   She opened her mouth wide and pulled me to her, kissing me and fiercely pushing her tongue into my mouth.  I responded by doing the same to her, and we kept kissing and kissing with wide open mouths.


        Gently laying her back on the bed with her legs over the edge and parting her knees, I knelt between them.  I stroked her stocking clad legs, working up them till I reached their tops, and then rolled the stockings from her legs, dropping them on the floor, and kissing her legs as I did so.  I could see her cleft was shiny wet with her juices which were dripping on to the bed.  I started to kiss her face and shoulders again, and then moved back to her breasts, sliding my hand down over her stomach.  Miss A. was panting with excitement, laying back with a flushed face as I kept kissing her body with her superb breasts tipped with stiff nipples sticking up in front of my eyes.


        "What are you going to do now, Peter darling?” she said. 

I replied, "I am going to kiss your feet, your ankles, your legs, your thighs and between your lovely soft lips.  Would you like that?"  She murmured, "Yes, more and more and more, do anything you want.  I don't want you to stop."  I raised each leg, kissed and caressed each foot and put it down, then gradually moved up her legs, kissing them and stroking them with my tongue, while stroking them with my hands as well.  When I came above her knees I knelt close to the bed, and stretched out my hands to squeeze her breasts and nipples again, as I slowly kissed and licked the tops of her parted thighs.  They were beautifully perfumed and had a deep musky smell.


        I gently pushed her thighs wide apart, so I could kiss their sides and touch them by flicking my tongue on them.  By now Amelia was anticipating me stroking her vagina, and was sighing encouragement with little gasps of noise.  I deliberately missed her vaginal lips, and kissed her bush just above her clit, nuzzling into the fine perfumed hairs on her stomach.  Then I slowly moved down to her thighs again to increase her excitement.  Finally I started to lick her with my tongue.  First of all, I kissed her where her thighs met her stomach, gently sweeping my tongue round the outside of her lips.  Then I stretched out my tongue , flicked her bud with it several times and then swept it slowly up and down her swollen vaginal lips.  I was drowning in her perfume, and could feel her hot slippery lips under my tongue, and her thighs pressed to my face.  As I started, she let out a cry of passion, and her legs jerked up and down convulsively.  I gently licked her bud, stroking it carefully with my tongue until she wriggled with pleasure.  She reached down her body and pressed my head hard against her lips so that I could scarcely breathe.  After what seemed like minutes, I lifted my head, saying, "Is that nice?  Shall I do it some more?”  


        Amelia yelled, "Yes, don't stop, it's lovely.  I've never had that before.  Please go on some more, Peter, it's so lovely.  Put your tongue right in me, please, and push it in hard.  I love it.  You must always do it, darling.  Can you feel my legs by your face?  I want you to come right up inside me again and again.  You are exciting me so much." 

I bent down again and licked her bud with my tongue and then, putting my lips round it, sucked it gently, while still softly licking it to make it swell and stiffen inside its hood.   Miss Ame;ia moaned with pleasure and grabbed my head again, pushing it hard into her thighs.  I carried on, pushing my tongue into her hot open vagina as far as I could.  I could feel her thighs getting wetter and wetter as I stroked her with my tongue while I stretched my arms up to her breasts and caressed and squeezed her nipples in my fingers.   Her tunnel was slippery and hot, and was wonderfully open.  I jumped to my feet, and slid my cock right into her tunnel as far as it would go until my hairs rammed up against her cunt lips.  I pushed in and out as Amelia yelled,  "More , more , I'm coming.  Fill me up, Peter, it's marvellous.  Oh, oh, oh ,oooooooooooh, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, darling Peter.  FUCK ME, OOOOOOH." 

Her body throbbed with spasm after spasm as as she came, and I came too with wave after wave of cum shooting into her as I clasped her body tightly to me.


        We clung to each other for several minutes as we regained our senses.  Amelia said, "That was really wonderful, Peter darling.  I could feel you filling me right up and making me come so wonderfully.  It was lovely when you kissed me between my thighs.  I shall expect you to do that every time now.  It felt so marvellous with your head between my legs that I shall want you to kiss and suck me there every time you have the chance.  I just want to feel your body against mine, and want you to make me come again and again.  While you are here I want you to come and take my knickers down whenever you are ready and I will part my thighs wide open for you.  If you would like it I will kiss and suck you as well.  The last few months have been wonderful, thanks to you and Brenda."


        I was overjoyed to hear her say this.  I expected to be in her house for several days, and the thought of being able to pull her lovely knickers down whenever we had an opportunity was wonderful.  I said, "Darling Amelia, I will do all you want me to.  It was so lovely for me too, and I can't keep my hands away from your lovely body.  I will be your willing slave and pull your knickers down whenever we have an opportunity, and do everything you ask of me!"